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Adventure funding exists to allow members of Cabin and Trail to plan and take part in trips above and beyond the normal scope of club activities. Adventure funding can serve as a means of rewarding members for past contributions to the club, or as a mechanism for newer members to gain valuable experience, enabling them to contribute more effectively in the future.


At the beginning of each term, the Cabin and Trail chairs may set aside any amount of money from the general budget to be used to fund adventure trips. This amount need not be strictly adhered to – less may be spent and the remainder reserved for future use.


All members of the Dartmouth Outing Club are eligible to apply for funding. Substantial preference will be given to current CnT leaders and heelers who have made progress towards ascension. Others must demonstrate that funding their trip will substantially benefit Cabin and Trail.


Money will be awarded once per term, at a meeting to be scheduled by the chairs, ideally near the middle of the term. All members of the current CnT Directorate are expected to attend; all other CnT leaders are invited. If a member of directorate is applying for money, they should appoint a stand-in to take their place.

Applications will be due to the CnT blitz account 48 hours prior to this meeting, and should be blitzed out to the leaders shortly thereafter. Applicants should come to the meeting prepared to give a short presentation about their trip, and answer any questions the leaders might have. After the presentations, applicants must leave, and the leaders will determine how to award money.

In giving out money, leaders are encouraged to consider whether applicants have previously received CnT adventure money. In the event that there are a large number of applications, they are encouraged to fund a few trips substantially, rather than spreading the money thinly among many trips. Applicants are encouraged to plan trips to new and exciting places where CnT has not been recently.


In order to receive funding, applicants must show:

  • That their trip is above and beyond the scope of normal CnT activities, and presents significant challenges and learning opportunities
  • That they have a thorough understanding of the risks of the trip, along with efforts to minimize them and contingency planning in case of emergency
  • That they have relevant prior experience and this trip is realistic for them
  • That they will use the skills and experience they gain on the trip to give back significantly to Cabin and Trail. Previous involvement and contributions will also be taken into consideration, particularly if the applicant will be graduating within four terms of the time of the trip.


Written applications should contain:

  • Purpose and Plan
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Itemized Budget
  • Assessment of Risk
  • Previous Experience
  • Giving Back and Past Contributions

Funding Guidelines

Adventure money may be used to pay for costs associated with the trip, including transportation, maps, fees & permits, and food to be eaten on the trail. Adventure money may not be used to pay for lodging at hotels/motels/B&B’s/etc, food at restaurants, or gear which you plan to keep once the trip is over. Adventure money is intended to subsidize trips, not necessarily to fund them in full – participants should expect to share in the cost of the trip.