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Do you like to hike? Are you interested in volunteering your time for a greater good? Or a local summer escape into Nature with some ‘treasure hunting’? You may want to consider volunteering to be an Appalachian Trail Corridor Monitor for the Dartmouth Outing Club’s Appalachian Trail Boundary Program.

What is the ‘Corridor’ and ‘Boundary’?

The Corridor is what we call the tracts of land on either side of the Appalachian Trail. The Boundary is the yellow blazed ‘line’ delineating the separation of our Federal/State/National Park land from privately owned property.

What is a Corridor Monitor?

They are the dedicated volunteers who hike that ‘line’ monitoring and maintaining the Boundary.

Why monitor and maintain the Boundary?

To protect the A.T. and Corridor from encroachments such as hunting, timber harvesting and ATV use. If there is no boundary there will be no corridor and thus no trail.

To volunteer and/or find out more, please contact:

Appalachian Trail Monitor Coordinator Nichole Hastings at nichole.l.hastings@gmail.com

Boundary Work Days Schedule

For DOC AT Corridor Monitors Use