Billings Lodge

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Billings Lodge

Billings Lodge is a Dartmouth Outing Club cabin located 98 miles from Hanover in Randolph, NH.


Billings is a six-room summer cottage which has been partially winterized, located at the north foot of Mt. Madison in the Presidential Range. It sleeps 10 in its three bunkrooms and has a screened-in porch. In addition it has a kitchen, a bathroom (with a flush toilet, shower and bathtub available May 15 through September 15), and a living/dining room, a woodstove and electric heaters for heat, an electric stove for cooking, a refrigerator, and electric lights. Billings Lodge is 50 feet from parking.


The Appalachia Trailhead at the north end of the Presidential Mountain Range is only a five-minute walk from the cabin: take a left out of the driveway and head east until you reach the parking lot. Mt. Adams and Mt. Madison are accessible from this trailhead, as are a number of impressive waterfalls at lower elevations. Because of its proximity to the Presidential Range, Billings is also a common place to spend the night before attempting a Presi Traverse.

There is also an extended trail network accessible by foot to the north of the cabin. To get here, continue down the Billings driveway and cross over a wooden bridge. Turn right on the other side of the bridge - after a few minutes walking, you'll find the trailhead by a small park on your left. A scenic overlook and a few small mountains can be reached from these trails; refer to the White Mountain Guide for specifics!

Swimming and trout fishing are close by the cabin. A small picturesque stream, Cold Brook, is about 100 yards beyond the wood shed.


Billings Lodge was donated to the Dartmouth Outing Club in 1966 by the Billings family. Initially considered a “white elephant” by DOC members, it quickly became popular due to its proximity to the Presidential Range and the other White Mountains.

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