Cabin and Trail

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Cabin and Trail
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Activities Hiking and trailwork

Cabin and Trail is one of the subclubs of the Dartmouth Outing Club, and is responsible for hiking and trailwork trips throughout New England as well as cabin maintenance. Members of Cabin and Trail are known as chubbers, and students seeking to become Cabin and Trail leaders are called heelers.


  • For a list of common trips, check out the CnT trips directory.
  • Descriptions of DOC cabins can be found at the Cabins page.
  • For advice on local diners to visit, check out the Dinertoure page.


Although this Google Calendar may not always be updated, check it out for meeting and trip information (note--this calendar is primarily for the use of CnT Leaders and Heelers, and likely will not contain weekly trip postings) : click here to view calendar

How to get involved

  • CnT is always looking for more leaders! You can learn about the process of becoming a leader at the Heeler Info page.
  • For advice on the different risks and requirements of winter trips, check out Winter Trip Leading.
  • Trailwork - here you can find a directory of needed trailwork trips and descriptions of different trailwork techniques.


Cabin and Trail has a number of additional leadership positions.

  • The Chairs of Cabin and Trail oversee weekly trips, gathering, and club operations. Currently: Maddy Kroot '19 and Dev Jhaveri '19 (Winter 2019)
  • The Cabins Chair position works as a liaison between the club and the cabins. They book cabins for the club for the term, ensure that visitors use the Cabins Checklist, and orient CnT trips that are going to cabins to see if anything needs to be fixed or improved. Currently: Jacob Chalif '21 (Winter 2019)
  • The Trails Chair is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the DOC's trails and shelters, including 50 miles of trail on Moosilauke and 75 Miles of Appalachian Trail. Currently: Madylin Partridge '21 and Bryton Moeller '21 (Winter 2019)
  • The Heeler Chair is responsible for recruiting and training new CnT Leaders. Currently: Kevin Donohue '21 and Bryton Moeller '21(Winter 2019)
  • The Feeds Chair is responsible for organizing and/or cooking the feed at the Rock at 7:00pm every Wednesday. Currently: Tyler Work '20 and Shannon Sartain (Winter 2019)
  • The Fun Chair is responsible for organizing the Main Event at meetings every Monday night. Currently: Kevin Donohue '21 and Mia Nelson '22 (Winter 2019)
  • The Social Chair is responsible for organizing social events for the club. Currently: Ben Schelling '21 and Chris Cartwright '21 (Winter 2019)
  • The member at large is in charge of keeping it real for the directorate. Currently: Trillium (Winter 2019)

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