Chainsaw Certification

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Use of DOC chainsaws requires certification and the signing of a waiver.

Start by contacting OPO (in this case, Rory Gawler) regarding training.

You'll start by participating in the DOC/OPO chainsaw training, described below. This will allow you to participate in Woodsmen's team events and simple prep using chainsaws and also to cut firewood under supervision of a master sawyer.

Once you've had some practice doing those things, you may elect to partake in the USFS chainsaw course, offered once or twice a year to learn about advanced techniques such as felling.

DOC/OPO Course

Paige doing her cert.

- a 3.5 hour course to certify chainsawyers for the college, only for purposes of simple bucking (firewood and blowdowns) and competition use.

We go over:

- Maintenance (Sharpening, chain tension, cleaning, fueling, fuel mixing, lubrication, guide bar filing)

- PPE - (Chaps, eyes, ears, clothing, etc)

- Safety features of Saw (chain catcher, throttle interlock, brake, kill switch, etc)

- Starting technique (crotch or ground, no drop starts)

- Starting and warming up

- Kickback avoidance

- basic bucking

- proper stance, grip, etc.

The course will cover some of the environmental hazards of sawing such as:

- Logs under tension, springpoles, slopes, etc.

- Deadfall and widowmakers

- Exhaustion, sunstroke, etc.