Dartmouth Mountaineering Club

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Dartmouth Mountaineering Club
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DMC logo
Activities Rock and ice climbing
Website http://www.dartmouth.edu/~mountain/DMC.html

The Dartmouth Mountaineering Club, also called the DMC, was founded in 1936. It was and continues to be a student run club under the Dartmouth Outing Club for mountaineering and rock climbing around the world. The DMC regularly runs trips for both beginner and experienced climbers to Rumney, Winslow, Cannon Cliff, Cathedral and Whitehorse ledges, the Gunks, and the Adirondacks.

Getting Involved

If you're looking to try rock climbing or if you already climb and want to meet other climbers, the first thing you should do is blitz 'climb' to get on the DMC blitz list. The DMC holds weekly feeds on Tuesday nights where you can hear about trips and gear pro-deals or just meet climbers and eat delicious food. See the website for time and location details.


The DMC's membership is split between the sport climbing hard-guys and the whiney trad climbers. You can generally find the latter hanging out in the conference room in Robinson Hall making their tape gloves, 'dreaming' of off-widths, and whining about the weather.


The DMC runs weekly beginner rock climbing trips to Rumney and Winslow during Fall, Spring and Summer. In the Winter they run beginner ice climbing trips to Holt's Ledge and SPAC. No experience is required for beginner trips.

They also run weekly Rumney Vans on Friday afternoons (leaving at 1:45pm) for which you need your own partner and gear. In addition, there are usually a few trad climbing trips each term to North Conway (Cathedral and Whitehorse) or Franconia Notch (Cannon). In the Fall and the Spring, the DMC runs a weekend trip to the Gunks in New Paltz, NY, and in the Summer a weekend trip to the Adirondacks.

Each Spring break, the DMC runs a trip to the west-- they've been known to hang out around Las Vegas in Red Rocks Canyon and in the past they've gone to places like Joshua Tree National Park and Jack's Canyon.

In the Winter, the DMC usually commandeers the Jonathan Belden Daniels Climbing Gym to train and get colossal in preparation for the upcoming beach season.


DMC leaders are split into four categories: Top-rope leaders, Sport leaders, Trad leaders, and Ice leaders. See the website for a list of the current leaders.

The DMC also has two co-chairs each term who manage the club's daily business and the blitz account.

For information on how to become a leader or policies on how the club runs trips, Check out Leader Requirements and Procedures#Dartmouth Mountaineering Club

The Website

Check out the DMC website for info and pictures here

Beta Page

Climbers: Go to the Beta Page to find beta to your favorite climbs or to help you plan trips ALL OVER THE WORLD!