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Diner Guide for CnT DinerToure

Originally created by Chelsea Little ‘09

Charlestown Heritage Restaurant

TOWN: Charlestown, NH

CAPACITY: medium/large.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to Exit 7, follow rt. 11 East into Charlestown. Turn right on Main Street/NH-12. Follow approx 1 mile to 212 Main Street. Travel time ~40 minutes.

NOTES: existence confirmed winter 2009, but not visited in last 2 years

Chelsea Diner

TOWN: Chelsea, VT


DIRECTIONS: take the interstate north to Thetford. Exit, and turn left. Continue on this road until you reach Chelsea (this takes quite a while, and it’s turny). Turn right at the intersection and the diner is very close on the left.

NOTES: last visit February 2008; charming and small

Crossroads Café

TOWN: White River Junction, VT

DIRECTIONS: I-91 South to 2nd White River Junction exit. Hang a left at the bottom of the exit ramp. Diner is located across from McDonald's on Sykes Ave. by the bus station.

NOTES: unclear if this is still in business or open for breakfast specifically

Daddypops Tumble Inn Diner

TOWN: 1 Main St, Claremont, NH


DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to Exit 8 Ascutney/Windsor. Turn left onto VT-131, which turns into VT-103/VT-12, which turns into Main Street. Driving time approx 35 minutes.

Dishin’ It Out

TOWN: Canaan


DIRECTIONS: head into Etna and take Ruddsboro Road to its end. Hang a left. Take this road until you arrive in Canaan. Bear slightly right at the y; the diner is on the right after maybe half a block.

NOTES: Last visit Oct 2008. Décor is interesting combination of dishes hung on the walls.

Dixie's Country Kitchen

TOWN: Sharon, VT

NOTES: existence confirmed winter 2009, but not visited in last 2 years

Eaton’s Sugar House


TOWN: South Royalton Vermont

HOURS: 7a-3p; closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays (as of April 2010)

PHONE: 802.769.8809

CAPACITY: medium/large

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to I-89 North. Take Exit 3 Bethel/Royalton, you should be able to see the diner from the bottom of the off ramp. Turn left on VT-107, diner is at the end of the road at intersection with VT-14.

Traveling time ~35 minutes

Farmer's Diner

TOWN: Quechee, VT

HOURS: Opens at 8 am as of April 2009


DIRECTIONS: just before the Quechee Gorge. you'll see the diner car.

NOTES: www.farmersdiner.com

The Fairlee Diner

TOWN: Fairlee, VT.

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 North to exit 15, turn right after the off-ramp, then turn left on Rte. 5. Keep going a ways (some fraction of a mile) and the Fairlee diner will be on your right.

NOTES: last visit Nov 2008

The Four Aces


TOWN: West Lebanon, NH

HOURS: M-F 5:30a-2:30p Sa-Su 6:30a-2:30p

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Go down main st. towards West Leb. Turn right at Bridge st (the first lights in W.Leb.). Go about 100 yards and turn into the parking lot just before the restaurant.

NOTES: The Aces closed in January of 2009, but reopened that summer under new management. The change was marked. It is no longer grungy and disgusting (even though we loved it that way) and the new owners seem to actually be enforcing the non-smoking laws. The food has improved substantially and the prices are still reasonable.

The Fort

TOWN: Lebanon, NH

HOURS: 24/7


DIRECTIONS: Go down East Wheelock st. and hang a right at the first light, heading towards the CoOp. Pass Jesse’s restaurant on the left. At the bottom of the hill, take the second left, and then hang a right into the parking lot of a big barn-like building with parked tractor-trailers and gas pumps outside.

NOTES: last visit summer 2008; good lazy dinertoure which still gets out of Hanover


TOWN: Thetford, VT.

HOURS: 7AM-2PM, Mon-Sat

PHONE: (802) 785-4300


DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 N to exit 14 (one exit North of Hanover), turn right off the off ramp and, after about a mile, you will run right into Isabel's.

NOTES: last visit Nov 2008; home of both Fabulous French Toast and Perfect Pancakes.

Mickey’s Roadside Café

(formerly known as Janet's)

TOWN: Enfield, NH.

PHONE: (603) 632-9400

DIRECTIONS: 89 South to the enfield/canaan exit. right onto Rt. 4 for a few miles. Diner is on the right.

NOTES: visited in April 2010. Delicious food, I would say 7 out of 10 for diner. Prices were moderate. Clean and respectable decor. INteresting kitsch in the form of a pixellated drawing handbook of "Mickey"s sayings...


TOWN: Hanover, NH


PHONE: (603) 643-3321

CAPACITY: large (at least early in the morning, when nobody else is awake)

DIRECTIONS: Take Interstate 91 South to I-89. Take I-89 South to I-93. Take I-93 north to Exit 26, for NH Rt. 25. Take NH Rt. 25 to NH Rt. 25A. Take NH Rt 25A to NH Rt. 10. Take NH Rt. 10 to intersection of Main St and Wheelock St. Go through the light. Diner is on your left. If you really insist, you could take a more direct route and walk it.

Mom and Dad’s Diner in Canaan

– closed as of fall 2008

P&H Truckstop

TOWN: Wells River, VT.

HOURS: 24-7


DIRECTIONS: I-91 North to exit 17, Wells River. You can see the truck stop from the interstate. Driving time about 45 minutes

NOTES: Last visit April 2009. Good place to go when you have a lot of people signed up for dinertoure; good food and large capacity.

The Polka Dot Diner

TOWN: White River Junction, VT.


PHONE: (802) 295-9722

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: I-91 South to 2nd White River Junction exit. Hang a left at the bottom of the exit ramp, pass the Bus Station and China Moon, continue on until you enter a new commercial district. When you see the train station, park. Diner is right there.

NOTES: Brings the concept of “greasy diner food” to a whole new level. Last visit sometime in 2008.


TOWN: Lebanon, NH

HOURS: Might not be open early mornings . . .

DIRECTIONS: Just off exit 17 from I-89, go east to Tire Kingdom, turn left directly across from Tire kingdom. Riverside is on the right.

NOTES: Used to be a favorite of chubbers wanting to "test their constitution" with fried clams, fried onion rings, fried anything, according to Dave Hooke ’84. No visits in last two years

Shari’s Place

TOWN: Bridgewater, VT

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to I-89 North. Take Exit 1, Woodstock/Rutland US-4. Turn left onto 4, follow 4 into Woodstock. Continue on Rt. 4 out of Woodstock. Diner is on the right after about 5 more miles, in between Bridgewater and Bridgewater Corners. If you get to 100A/Bridgewater Corners, you've gone too far.

NOTES: Last visit Jan 2009. Long long drive.

Shepard’s Pie on the Green

TOWN: Quechee, VT

CAPACITY: pretty big

DIRECTIONS: on Main St in Quechee, on the left just past the Simon Pearce building.

NOTES: visited spring 2009. website here: http://shepards-pie.com/


TOWN: West Lebanon, NH

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: 31 Main Street (old W Leb); across from the Dunkin Donuts, right past the driveway for W Leb Supply

NOTES: delicious and cheap, plus close by. A good spot. last visit April 09.


TOWN: Hartland, VT

CAPACITY: medium sized – maybe 8 tables/booths for 4 people each

DIRECTIONS: take the interstate south to the Windsor/Hartland exit. Hang a right towards Hartland. the sign is right as you come into town.

NOTES: last visit Oct 2008. Always invite Laura Dukeshire when you go here, since she lives close by and loves to join students.

Stubb’s and Laura’s

TOWN: Windsor, VT


DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 S for about 15 miles to Exit 9 - Hartland/Windsor. Left onto Rt 5, it's just a mile or two up the road on the right.

NOTES: odd décor, plus home of the batter-fried grilled cheese sandwich or something ridiculous like that. Last visit Spring 2009.

The Wasp

TOWN: Woodstock, VT

HOURS: Sketchy and ever-changing. Call ahead the night before to find out latest hours.

PHONE: 802-457-9805

CAPACITY: Very small. Don’t take more than 4 people here.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to I-89 North. Take Exit 1, Woodstock/Rutland US-4. Turn left onto 4, follow 4 into Woodstock. Diner is on the left.

NOTES: Since it’s so small and you have to limit the number of people you take, this is a good place to take dinertoure during midterms.

Windsor Diner

TOWN: Windsor, VT


DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 S for about 15 miles to Exit 9 - Hartland/Windsor. Left onto Rt 5. Take Rt. 5 until it becomes main st. of Windsor. Diner is on the left.

NOTES: Existence confirmed winter 2009, but no recent visits