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Dinertoure is an ongoing tradition in Cabin and Trail. Dinertoure is meant to be a delicious adventure of exploration throughout the Upper Valley, and almost always is. This guide was originally created by Chelsea Little '09. It has since been updated by Caitlin Johnson '10 and others in the long line of Dinertoure chieftains. In light of our growing popularity and enhanced standing in the global community, we, as benevolent toure-lourdes, have deigned to share some of our secrets with our less hard-coure compatriots.

Model '15 showing off her Dinertoure shirt

However, if you deem yourself hardy and of good stock, attend a Cabin and Trail meeting (basement of Robo, Mondays at 10PM) to become the enlightened breakfast-consuming human being you were bourne to be.

Perhaps our sub-sub-club is best described in the words of "DinerDude" Joe Cloyd '02, who wrote in 2000, "We continue to attract many students otherwise uninvolved in Cabin and Trail as we forge friendships with diner waitresses throughout New England."

The ride is free, bring small bills.

Dinertoure 12F


Dinertoure was once, according to folklore, a past-time of the heeler lumberjacks of ye olde 1993 who would break the fast before long hours of trail-work. Their purpose was to determine the finest purveyors of individual breakfast item - hash, omelets, pancakes, etc. so that every man and woman could always reach their greatest breakfast potential. Histourians, using radiocarbon-dated sea shells and fragments of clay pottery, were then able to trace Dinertoure's origin story to 1999, when the DOC annual report noted that "Diner Tour has proceeded in full force." Our excavation also unearthed the birth of the renamed DinerToure in 2000, led by Anthony Accurso '00, who chose Wednesday as the ideal day of breakfast shenanigans and henceforth the toure became "more regular than the lunar cycle." Stratigraphic layers yielded little until 2009, when young dinerlings were guided under the tutelage of Chelsea Little '09. Her successor was Caitlin Johnson '10, who has been described as "super cool" by part-time jester Benjamin "Benji" Kessler '13. She passed the torch to Dennis Zeveloff '12, who is by all accounts a righteous fellow and a very competent blurb author. He then bequeathed the honoure upon Amy Bray '13 and the somewhat questionable characters of the aforementioned Kessler and the elusive Thomas "Dinermatrix" Das, the most surprising Wilderness-level leader in Cabin and Trail histourey. Under their stewardship, Dinerpong was bourne, an annual ritual of pre-9L festivities. On their deathbeds, they left the legacy of their debauchery to a young peasant '16 that Bray had found in the Moosilauke wilderness. They established "Steve"n Tebbe '14 and said peasant as leaders for the coming fall and they've all lived happily ever after thus far. The year is now 2015 and this organization of the people, for the people, and by the people has not perished from the Earth.

On April 2, 2014, Katie Yu made law what the true and valiant have known for many a moon. She declared "DinerToure" an antiquated term and that heretofore our noble pursuit shall only be referred to as "Dinertoure." For what the Oxford English Dictionary deems to be two separate words, has become one word in our hearts.

Our Repertoire

Blanche & Bill's Pancake House

TOWN: Bridgewater Corners, VT


NOTES: Possibly not visited since 2000, where it was described as "without a doubt the most epical trip and included two hours of driving and two hours of eating."

Chelsea Diner

TOWN: Chelsea, VT


DIRECTIONS: take the interstate north to Thetford. Exit, and turn left. Continue on this road until you reach Chelsea (this takes quite a while, and it's turny). Turn right at the intersection and the diner is very close on the left.

NOTES: last visit February 2008; charming and small

Chelsea Station

TOWN: South Royalton, VT

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Take 91S to 89N, get off at Exit 2, turn left. Turn right at the stop sign (onto 14N) and go straight until you reach the bridge/Chelsea St. and turn left. Go straight and the diner will be on your right as you drive into the town square.

Crossroads Cafe

TOWN: White River Junction, VT

DIRECTIONS: I-91 South to 2nd White River Junction exit. Hang a left at the bottom of the exit ramp. Diner is located across from McDonald's on Sykes Ave. By the bus station.

Leader NOTES: Larger accommodations; when you call ahead, they set up a long table in the middle. For group dynamics' sake, don't bring more than 20.

Daddypops Tumble Inn Diner

TOWN: 1 Main St, Claremont, NH


DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to Exit 8 Ascutney/Windsor. Turn left onto VT-131, which turns into VT-103/VT-12, which turns into Main Street. Driving time approx 35 minutes.

Leader NOTES: In an actual diner car! Very important for Dinertoure's street cred. They have a very active Facebook account - almost like being friends with a real person, so feel free to check up on them. Smaller space - so definitely only one vehicle and call ahead.

Dana's By the Gorge

TOWN: Quechee, VT

CAPACITY: medium

Leader NOTES: Excellent mimosas. Seasonally closed. The Gorge is beautiful, worth a stroll over to take a peek.

Dishin' It Out

TOWN: Canaan


DIRECTIONS: head into Etna and take Ruddsboro Road to its end. Hang a left. Take this road until you arrive in Canaan. Bear slightly right at the y; the diner is on the right after maybe half a block.

NOTES: We LOVE Dishin' It Out. Great food, fast service, and as Evan Curhan '14 did declare, "those were some good looking poached eggs."

Eaton's Sugar House

TOWN: South Royalton Vermont

HOURS: 7a-3p

PHONE: 802.769.8809 CAPACITY: medium/large

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to I-89 North. Take Exit 3 Bethel/Royalton, you should be able to see the diner from the bottom of the off ramp. Turn left on VT-107, diner is at the end of the road at intersection with VT-14.

Traveling time ~35 minutes

NOTES: Last visited every single term. This place has ENORMOUS and delicious pancakes with unique toppings [such as apple walnut or chocolate chip raspberry]. They also have an awesome gift store complete with all sorts of maple products!

The Fairlee Diner

TOWN: Fairlee, VT.

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 North to exit 15, turn right after the off-ramp, then turn left on Rte. 5. Keep going a ways (some fraction of a mile) and the Fairlee diner will be on your right.

NOTES: They do not accept credit card, so make sure everyone has small bills. There is a bank close by if anyone forgets.

The Four Aces

TOWN: West Lebanon, NH

HOURS: M-F 5:30a-2:30p Sa-Su 6:30a-2:30p

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Go down main st. towards West Leb. Turn right at Bridge st (the first lights in W.Leb.). Go about 100 yards and turn into the parking lot just before the restaurant.

NOTES: The Aces closed in January of 2009, but reopened that summer under new management. The change was marked. It is no longer grungy and disgusting (even though we loved it that way) and the new owners seem to actually be enforcing the non-smoking laws. The food has improved substantially and the prices are still reasonable. Also, apparently the old Aces was once a place to obtain alcohol during the Prohibition, which totally changes the meaning of the "just ask" they have at the bottom of their menu. Also, take note of how many inappropriately used quotation marks that "are" around various words on their menu.

The Fort

TOWN: Lebanon, NH

HOURS: 24/7


DIRECTIONS: Go down East Wheelock st. and hang a right at the first light, heading towards the Co-op. Pass Jesse's restaurant on the left. At the bottom of the hill, take the second left, and then hang a right into the parking lot of a big barn-like building with parked tractor-trailers and gas pumps outside.

Leader NOTES: Going to the Fort is the ultimate failure. It is a sign of unpreparedness and pusillanimity. Do not let your reign be tarnished by such a shame.

Hartland Diner (formerly Stella's)

TOWN: Hartland, VT

CAPACITY: medium sized, maybe 8 tables/booths for 4 people each

DIRECTIONS: take the interstate south to the Windsor/Hartland exit. Hang a right towards Hartland. the sign is right as you come into town.

NOTES: Always invite Laura Dukeshire when you go here, since she lives close by and loves to join students. Since we will always mourn the loss of Stella's, whose artistic style was without compare and had that one cheery over-worked waitress who was by far our favorite diner employee, it is hard to palate the so-called "Hartland Diner." Yes, the food is good, the interior decorating is adorable, and the ketchup is organic (Matt Garczynski '14 checked), but we will always long for the Stella's of yesteryear. Anyone who toures here after 13W will undoubtedly be very pleased with their meal, but los ancianos cannot help but remember....

Isabell's Cafe

TOWN: Thetford, VT.

HOURS: 7AM-2PM, Mon-Sat

PHONE: (802) 785-4300

CAPACITY: Very small

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 N to exit 14 (one exit North of Hanover), turn right off the off ramp and, after about a mile, you will run right into Isabel's.

Leader NOTES: Don't bring more than a sprinter.

Mickey's Roadside Cafe

(formerly known as Janet's)

TOWN: Enfield, NH.

PHONE: (603) 632-9400

DIRECTIONS: 89 South to the enfield/canaan exit. right onto Rt. 4 for a few miles. Diner is on the right.

NOTES: Recommended by Dan Nelson of Danertoure fame. Delightful meal and ambience. Excited to sample their clams someday.

Miss Bellows Falls Diner

TOWN: Chester, VT

PHONE: (802) 463-3700

NOTES: Not visited since 2012

Lebanon Diner

TOWN: Lebanon, NH


PHONE: (603) 727-9751


DIRECTIONS: Head towards I-89, but pass it to Lebanon. Turn left at the gas station and make your way to the town-square type area (with the opera house, etc.) There is parking behind the diner.

Leader NOTES: For some reason, it is "exorbitantly expensive", but it is run by a Dartmouth alum who is also apparently the mayor of Lebanon? Which is cool, I guess.


TOWN: Hanover, NH


PHONE: (603) 643-3321

CAPACITY: large (at least early in the morning, when nobody else is awake)

DIRECTIONS: Take Interstate 91 South to I-89. Take I-89 South to I-93. Take I-93 north to Exit 26, for NH Rt. 25. Take NH Rt. 25 to NH Rt. 25A. Take NH Rt 25A to NH Rt. 10. Take NH Rt. 10 to intersection of Main St and Wheelock St. Go through the light. Diner is on your left. If you really insist, you could take a more direct route and walk it.

Leader NOTES: You lose when you go to Lou's. Your disgrace will be immeasurable.

P&H Truckstop

TOWN: Wells River, VT.

HOURS: 24-7


DIRECTIONS: I-91 North to exit 17, Wells River. You can see the truck stop from the interstate. Driving time about 45 minutes

Leader NOTES: It is tradition to bet your life savings on the lottery at P&H. You are guaranteed to come out ahead.

The Polka Dot Diner

TOWN: White River Junction, VT.


PHONE: (802) 295-9722

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: I-91 South to 2nd White River Junction exit. Hang a left at the bottom of the exit ramp, pass the Bus Station and China Moon, continue on until you enter a new commercial district. When you see the train station, park. Diner is right there.

NOTES: Brings the concept of greasy diner food to a whole new level. Last visit sometime in 2009.

Polly's Pancake Parlor

TOWN: Sugar Hill, NH

HOURS: Seasonal - closed for winter

PHONE: 603.823.8849

Quechee Diner (formerly Farmer's Diner)

TOWN: Quechee, VT

HOURS: Opens at 8 am as of April 2009


DIRECTIONS: just before the Quechee Gorge. you'll see the diner car, run down carnival thing, and the giant wagon/horse sculpture thing in front of the shopping center.

Traveling time: about 15-20 minutes.

Shari's Place

TOWN: Bridgewater, VT

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to I-89 North. Take Exit 1, Woodstock/Rutland US-4. Turn left onto 4, follow 4 into Woodstock. Continue on Rt. 4 out of Woodstock. Diner is on the right after about 5 more miles, in between Bridgewater and Bridgewater Corners. If you get to 100A/Bridgewater Corners, you've gone too far.

NOTES: Last visit Jan 2009.


TOWN: West Lebanon, NH

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: 31 Main Street (old W Leb); across from the Dunkin Donuts, right past the driveway for W Leb Supply

NOTES: Unreliable quality, but very cheap. The Russian Roulette of Dinertoure. Will your food be the greatest steal since the Louisiana Purchase or will you spend your 9L wondering if your end is nigh? Scientific studies have shown that Shyrl's and Dinerpong are an excellent combination.

Wasp's Snack Bar

TOWN: Woodstock, VT

HOURS: Sketchy and ever-changing. Call ahead the night before to find out latest hours.

PHONE: 802-457-9805

CAPACITY: Very small. Don't take more than 4 people here.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 South to I-89 North. Take Exit 1, Woodstock/Rutland US-4. Turn left onto 4, follow 4 into Woodstock. Diner is on the left.

NOTES: Is this closed? We don't know, the internet says no, but first-hand accounts say that if they're not closed, then they're definitely not open.

Whistlestop Cafe

TOWN: Fairlee, VT


CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 N and get off in Fairlee (two exits.) Turn right, then turn left onto the main road. Will be on your right. Next to Whippi Dip.

Windsor Diner

TOWN: Windsor, VT


DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 S for about 15 miles to Exit 9 - Hartland/Windsor. Left onto Rt 5. Take Rt. 5 until it becomes main st. of Windsor. Diner is on the left.

NOTES: This was JD Salinger's favorite place to have lunch when he was still alive! It's also located in an old diner car and has fabulous pancakes.

Diner AdvenToures

Breakfast Without Borders

TOWN: Montreal, Quebec



DIRECTIONS: Take I-91 N through Burlington into Canada. From there, the choice is yours.

NOTES: Before fall term, while the freshman were being oriented, those brave enough ventured up north into the land of Canada. Little French was understood, and plenty of poutine was to be had. A great volunteer effort to go and pay tribute to diners regardless of national location. Souvenirs and pictures highly encouraged, except if they're road signs.

Busy Bees Cafe

Amy Bray '13 & Matt Garczynski '14 take in SoCal

TOWN: Ventura, CA

Capacity: Large

NOTES: Real good omelets. Right on Main St. Close to the beach. Right by the original Patagonia store. Basically the greatest place on Earth.

Dan Nelson's House

TOWN: Enfield, NH

CAPACITY: medium

DIRECTIONS: Ask Dan for directions

Leader NOTES: a fun trip to connect with OPO! Dan Nelson '75 cooks a mean set of baked beans and by living on the shores of Lake Mascoma, means plenty of post-breakfast adventures to be had. Clearly talk with Dan when you want this to happen.