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<p>See ya Sunday!</p>
<p>See ya Sunday!</p>
==Night before blitz==
The night before your trip, blitz out to all the trippees who've signed up with a quick reminder of when and where to meet.  Here's an example:
Hey dudes,
<p>Just a reminder: we're meeting at the Robo blitz terminals at 10 am tomorrow.  If you won't be able to come or have any last-minute questions, just let me know!
<p>See ya tomorrow!

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As part of leading a trip, you'll need to blitz your trippees to get some info from them and make sure they have all the necessary gear/clothing for your trip. There are two main blitzes you'll need to send: the first goes out to the people who wrote their names down on your signup sheet and contains more info about the trip and a request for them to officially sign up; the second goes out to official signups and contains a packing list and other more detailed trip info.

Info blitz for interested people

After the CnT meeting on Monday night, you should have a sign-up sheet with the names of people who are interested in going on your hike. You should send them a blitz with your basic trip details (e.g. timing, price, why wherever you're going is totally sweet, etc.), and possibly some more detailed info (e.g. weather forecast). It's also good to remind people that you can rent any gear they may need, for free! It's good to send this blitz out before the "This Week in Cabin and Trail" blitz gets sent out - that way, people who signed up at the meeting get a chance to officially sign up before the rest of campus does. Here's an example:

Hey dudes,

You guys are the excellent folks who signed up for the orienteering trip this Sunday! You've made an excellent choice, because you're gonna learn some useful skillz and have a blast! Here's some details:

We'll meet at Robo at 10 am for a brief overview of map and compass use, then drive 10 minutes to Burnt Mountain to get some experience orienteering. We'll snowshoe around the woods for a while, find our way to different points on the map, and climb up to a great viewpoint on Burnt Mountain. We should be back by 5 pm.

We'll provide food on the trip, and if there's any outdoorsy gear or clothing that you need, we can rent it for you for free! More on that later...

For now, I just need you to let me know if you definitely wanna come on this trip - so blitz me your DASH# if you want in!

Info/gear blitz for signed-up trippees

By Wednesday or early Thursday (or earlier if your trip fills up), blitz your trippees to find out their gear needs and if they have any dietary restrictions. This blitz will be a bit longer and also requires a response from your trippees, so make it as clear and simple as possible! To maximize the number of responses you get, it's generally good to put the important parts of the blitz (i.e. packing list and dietary restrictions) at the beginning. Then at the end, write up a more detailed description of what you'll be doing so trippees know what to expect on the trip. Here's an example:

Hey dudes,

You guys are all signed up to go orienteering on Sunday! It looks like we'll have great weather, and it's gonna be a mad fun trip! But before that I'm gonna need some info from you:

**First, do you have any dietary restrictions? Imma be food shopping for you, so it'd be good to know!

**Second, I need to determine what gear to rent for you! Here's the gear you should pack - if there's anything on the following list that you don't have, just let me know and I'll get it for you. I need to know by Friday afternoon, so blitz me back as soon as you can!

Rain jacket
A few layers for yo' upper body (fleece, synthetic shirts, etc.)
Tights or hiking pants or rain pants or something else to put over yo' legs
Waterproof hiking boots
2 liters of water
Warm socks (bring an extra pair, since there's gonna be a lot of wet snow on the ground)
Warm hat

And if you like hiking poles, let me know and I'll grab you a pair!

Alright, now on to the plan for Sunday: we'll all meet by the blitz terminals in Robo at 10 am, then find an open room and spend a little while talking about the basics of compass use and how to read a map. We'll then take a short drive over to Burnt Mountain, break into three groups of 3-4 people, and spend a few hours navigating to different spots on the map. We should be back in Hanover by 5 pm.

If you have any questions about any of this, just let me know!

See ya Sunday!

Night before blitz

The night before your trip, blitz out to all the trippees who've signed up with a quick reminder of when and where to meet. Here's an example:

Hey dudes,

Just a reminder: we're meeting at the Robo blitz terminals at 10 am tomorrow. If you won't be able to come or have any last-minute questions, just let me know!

See ya tomorrow!

Packing lists

The gear needs for trips vary significantly depending on the season and the nature of the trip. However, there are some things which you should almost always recommend that trippees bring. These include:

  • Two liters of water (one if it's a very short trip)
  • Suitable clothing (usually wool or synthetic)
  • Rain jacket (even if the weather forecast looks totally perfect)

For more info on recommended gear to bring on trips, check out the Packing lists article.