Example Cabin and Trail trip blitzes

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As part of leading a trip, you'll need to blitz your trippees to get some info from them and make sure they have all the necessary gear/clothing for your trip. There are two main blitzes you'll need to send: the first goes out to the people who wrote their names down on your signup sheet and contains more info about the trip and a request for them to officially sign up; the second goes out to official signups and contains a packing list and other more detailed trip info.

Info blitz for interested people

After the CnT meeting on Monday night, you should have a sign-up sheet with the names of people who are interested in going on your hike. You should send them a blitz with your basic trip details (e.g. timing, price, why wherever you're going is totally sweet, etc.), and possibly some more detailed info (e.g. weather forecast). It's also good to remind people that you can rent any gear they may need, for free! It's good to send this blitz out before the "This Week in Cabin and Trail" blitz gets sent out - that way, people who signed up at the meeting get a chance to officially sign up before the rest of campus does. Here's an example: