Happy Hill Shelter to West Hartford, VT (hike)

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Happy Hill Shelter to West Hartford, VT (hike)
Happy Hill Shelter Appalachian Trail Vermont.jpg
Happy Hill Shelter
Drive 12 miles
Hike 4 miles
Difficulty Easy/moderate.

The hike from Happy Hill Shelter to West Hartford, VT is about 4 miles and is easy to moderate in difficulty.

Driving Directions

The following driving directions take you to the southern terminus of this section in West Hartford, providing another way to access Happy Hill Shelter if you're hiking north:

Starting in Hanover, drive south on Main Street towards West Lebanon. Turn right on Bridge St/US-4. Stay on this road as it turns into VT-14 N. Follow for 7 miles and turn right on Tigertown Rd. After the highway overpass, turn right onto Podunk Rd. The trailhead should be near the corner of Podunk and Tigertown, on the left.

Hiking Directions

If you're starting at Happy Hill Shelter, continue north on the Appalachian Trail [turning left as you exit the spur trail]. The trail will take you through some beautiful places, alternating between thick deciduous forest and open pine woods and the occasional open grassy field. In one of these fields, a seemingly more well-trodden trail will branch off to the right -- stay straight ahead on the real AT and follow the white blazes! The trail will go over a few old logging roads and will also cross Podunk Brook twice [a great place to fill up on water].

After you emerge from the trailhead onto Podunk Road, if you're planning on continuing to hike southward, turn left onto Tigertown Road and walk under the highway overpass. Continue down this road until it intersects with VT-14, upon which you should turn left [there are blazes along this whole section, by the way, so you don't necessarily need directions]. Follow the blazes as they have you turn right onto Quechee-West Hartford Rd., crossing the bridge over the White River, and continue up Quechee-West Hartford Rd. until you spy the trailhead on your right.

More Information

You can also obviously use this information to hike northward from West Hartford towards Happy Hill and Norwich!

Advice & Anecdotes

The bridge over the White River is a great place to go bridge-jumping! There are some nice swimming spots there. Also, the West Hartford Village Store is a fabulous place to get a sandwich, stock up on trail supplies, or get some coffee.