Holt's Ledge

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Holt's Ledge is a climbing area near the Dartmouth Skiway, and is used for both rock and ice climbing.

Trip Reports


Group: Kaila Pedersen (heeler), Max Deibel (co-leader)

Weather: Beautiful.

Route: Appalachian Trail from Skiway parking lot

Time: Round trip ~3 hours

Notes: The trail was clear and pretty well-maintained, easy to follow. There was a recent blowdown (small tree) about .5 mi from the parking lot. An easy hike with gorgeous views off of the ledge.


Group: Jamie Mercado (heeler), Paige Wilson (co-leader)

Weather: Cold, somewhat cloudy, some snow fall.

Route: Appalachian Trail from Skiway parking lot up, then followed Papoose ski trail down.

Time: Round trip ~3 hours, with lots of time at the top taking pictures

Notes: The trail had a number of blow downs, lots of icy patches, but with microspikes was fine hiking. Easy to follow. One falcon seen briefly. Views were cloudy but still beautiful. Ski trail down made for nice hiking, but was also somewhat icy on the way down. Relatively easy and quick hike. Had hot chocolate at the top!


Group: Anna Knowles (heeler), Max Deibel (co-leader). Hunter, Fredrik, and Shane T

Weather: Warm, muggy, buggy, threatening to rain (but didn't).

Route: Appalachian Trail from Skiway parking lot up, and back down the same route.

Time: Round trip from campus: 3 1/2 hours with a stop at Oak Hill to pick up tools on the way and the way back, did trailwork on the way up.

Notes: Cleared multiple blowdowns with just an axe, a saw, and brute force (lots of chopping was done and the burliness was apparent). Saw some nice flowers - trilliums, violets, and a lone columbine plant. Paused fairly briefly at the top because the flies were annoying.


Group: Kassie Amann (heeler), Max Deibel (co-leader)

Weather: Beautiful- Warm and sunny but kind of brisk. More overcast on the way down.

Route: Appalachian Trail from Skiway parking lot, down the skiway.

Time: Round trip ~3 hours

Notes: The trail was insanely icy, with sections of pure ice. Microspikes were definitely useful. The skiway section down was less icy, but there were still patches to be aware of. The view from the top was gorgeous, even if the leaves were mostly gone. Be sure to get down before evening storms set in (not too hard).


Group: Anna Knowles'16 (Leader), Eliza Rockefeller'17 (Heeler), Dondei Dean'17, Sam Greydanus'17, Nicholas Thyr'17, Maggie Leech'17

Weather: A cold, clear, sunny afternoon - in the mid 10s/20s with some wind. Quite beautiful but chilly!

Route: From the Skiway parking lot up the AT, brief stop most of the way to the top, and down the same route.

Time: About 3 hours, round trip from Robo.

Trip Report: We enjoyed a fairly laid back hike up Holt's Ledge, and stopped to admire the view. The AT was difficult to locate at the top and deep snow slowed our progress, so we didn't hike all the way up. Everyone had a great time!


Group: Mac Murphy '15 (Leader), Spencer Blair '17 (Heeler), Maclean Callihan '17, Jacob Kupferman '14, Andrea Price '16, Alyssa Schmid '17

Weather: A beautiful early spring day: sunny and not too cold

Route: From the Skiway parking lot up the AT, brief stop most of the way to the top, and down the same route.

Time: About 6 hours due to unforeseen circumstances (see below), round trip from Robo.

Trip Report: We had a fun and easy hike up Holt's, enjoyed some delicious snacks and beautiful views at the top, and made it back down quickly with lots of extra time to spare. Unfortunately, we then discovered that we had lost the keys somewhere on Holt's Ledge. After over an hour of simultaneously searching for the keys on Holt's and roaming the skiway for service or Wifi so we could get in touch with someone back at Dartmouth, we finally had a second set of keys delivered to us- only to discover that the car wouldn't start! All in all, despite these complications, everyone had fun and the chaos made for some solid laughs.


Group: Acacia Hoisington (heeler) and Eliza Rockefeller (co-leader), Sophie D'Orchimont '18, O. Renata Hegyi '16, Michelle Dundek '18, Zohra Aslami '18, Katherine Cole '17, Hannah Solomon '17

Weather: Beautiful, chilly at the top

Route: Started at the Skiway parking lot and went up the Appalachian Trail

Time: Round trip: about 3 hours

Notes: Great hike. We enjoyed beautiful views on the top while munching on snacks. Some snow at top but not enough to need microspikes.


Group: Josie Yalovitser (heeler) and Shane Weisberg (co-leader), Drusilla Falco '18, Cassidy McDermott '17, Breanna McHugh '17

Weather: Cold, brisk, freezing rain drizzle, wind and cloudy at the top

Route: Started at Skiway parking lot and went up the AT. Same route back.

Time: Round trip about 3 hours

Notes: Good hike. Microspikes were very helpful. There were a few ice patches, and a tree blocking the route but we made our way over it. Made it back down before freezing rain hit too hard.

7/16/2016 Group: Adam Burnett (leader), Sophie d'Orchimont (heeler), Peter Blum, Jared Lichtman, Michael Cobb, Mikiko Takato, Clare Carlile, Kimete Berisha, Tom Schwantje

Weather: Sunny and really warm.

Route: Parked at the Goose Pond Road trailhead, then hiked the AT northward to the main outlook at the top of Holts Ledge, where we hung out and had lunch. Then we poked around the top of the ski trails a little before retracing our steps back down. There are several neat viewpoints to the south of the main Holts Ledge viewpoint, although views are similar to what you get from the top. About 4.6 miles total.

Time: Left campus at 10:45, back at 3:30.

Notes: The first part of the trail runs over bog bridges through a wetland. Here the vegetation stuck out over the trail in places. Otherwise, for the most part the trail was pretty well maintained and easy to follow. Overall an easy hike with beautiful views off of the ledge. Great lunch spot at the top!