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John Rand is one-room cabin located on the eastern side of Mt. Moosilauke, about 50 miles from Hanover.


John Rand has a large bunk-bed for sleeping, with room for four mattresses on the top and four on the bottom (for a total capacity of eight). The cabin is notable for its skylights and recently-installed wood stove, which has a glass front door. It does not have a gas stove or gas lighting.

John Rand also boasts one of the nicest privies of all the DOC cabins - unfortunately, it is about 200 meters and two stream crossings away from the cabin. Be sure to bring provisions and warm clothing if you attempt a trip to the privy!

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John Rand Cabin was built in 1983 under the direction of Alex Tait '86, Dan Mullen '83, and Diana Wright '83, in dedication to John Rand who served as Executive Director of the Dartmouth Outing Club (1938-1975) and Director of Safety for Outdoor Affairs (1975-1979)

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