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The Gym is currently managed by Riley Kane '12 and Brannon Cavalier '12.  Blitz <CLG@dartmouth.edu> with any questions.
The Gym is currently managed by Riley Kane '12 and Brannon Cavalier '12.  Blitz <CLG@dartmouth.edu> with any questions.
[[File:COMP Scott finals -4.jpg|left|frame|Scottie "tornado-arms" Alexander at the 2009 Dartmouth Undergraduate Competition]]
[[Category:Dartmouth Outing Club facilities]]
[[Category:Dartmouth Outing Club facilities]]

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The Jonathan Belden Daniels Climbing Gym & its expanded Chuck Drake '90 & Josh Hane '89 Leadership & Training Room is located in the basement of the Maxwell Dormitory. With two rooms of walls of varying steepness and interesting features, holds of all kinds, ropes, harnesses, and climbing shoes, the Gym proudly accommodates all modes of climbing and ranges of ability, from the true beginner to the gym-rat expert. All are welcome. Although the gym is mostly used for bouldering during public hours, occasionally ropes will be used, requiring belayers to be checked by our monitoring staff.

File:COMP Scott finals -4.jpg‎
Scottie "tornado-arms" Alexander at the 2009 Dartmouth Undergraduate Competition

Hours of Operation

Saturday - Thursday 5-11 PM

Friday 5-8 PM

beginning January 4, 2012 & ending March 9, 2012

Gym will be closed January 5th, 2012 for Monitor Training & February 10th, 2012 for Winter Carnival. The Gym may be opened by Monitors during off hours. Public hours for the Spring term will begin March 26, 2012 and end May 31, 2012. The Gym is not open to the public during the Summer term, but Monitors will occasionally blitz out to the DMC listserv, inviting others to join them. To be put on the DMC listserv blitz the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club.


Day pass..........$10

Term pass for Dartmouth students........$50/term

Term pass for Dartmouth faculty/staff........$70/term

Term pass for DOC community members.......$80/term

Passes are available in the Gym and Outdoor Programs Office in Robinson Hall. We accept cash, dash, or check. Climbing shoes are available to pass holders, shoes must not leave Gym. Chalk is not provided.


Bring your fraternity, your team, your club, or any other group to the Gym. During public hours we provide climbing shoes. During off hours we provide climbing shoes, ropes, harnesses, and instruction. Blitz <CLG@dartmouth.edu> to reserve a time.

group discount............$50/eight people

private lesson...........$100/eight people


Monitors are trained personnel that run and maintain the Gym. Some of their duties include opening & closing, checking & selling passes, monitoring safety, setting holds, and cleaning. To be a Monitor for the term you must attend the Monitor Training held the first Thursday of the term at the Gym from 8-11 PM. Being a Monitor gives you the privilege of opening the Gym on your own time and climbing whenever you want. Monitors are usually members of the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club.


Every Winter the holds are stripped from the walls. Graduate students and community members help set routes for the annual Dartmouth Undergraduate Climbing Competition, open only to Dartmouth students. In the week following this competition, the students set even more routes for an intercollegiate competition the next weekend, open to all participants.


The Gym is currently managed by Riley Kane '12 and Brannon Cavalier '12. Blitz <CLG@dartmouth.edu> with any questions.