Jonathan Belden Daniels Climbing Gym

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The Jonathan Belden Daniels Climbing Gym is located in the basement of the Maxwell Dormitory. The gym has climbing shoes, harnesses, and ATC's available to rent if you don't have your own. The gym is mostly used for bouldering although occasionally children's groups will climb using the ropes, which requires certified belayers.


The gym is open Sunday - Thursday 5-11pm, Friday 5-8pm, and Saturday 5-8pm for Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. The gym has no regular hours during Summer term, but a monitor will occasionally open the gym and blitz out to the DMC list, inviting others to join


The monitors of the Dartmouth Climbing gym are students at the college who are trained to run the facility. If you'd like to become a paid monitor or be put on the monitor sub list come to a monitor meeting, usually held on the first Thursday of each term. Being a monitor also gives you the privilege to open the gym on your own and climb whenever you want. Monitors are usually members of the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club DMC