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[[File:Guide to SFTS Planning.pdf | Find it here!]]
[[File:Guide to SFTS Planning.pdf | Find it here!]]
[[Category:Dartmouth Outing Club subclub]]
[[Category:Dartmouth Outing Club subclubs]]

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The Ledyard Canoe Club is the subclub for all boating and water activities.

Xavier Engle on Cave Drop on the Big Branch. Photo Nick Gottlieb.

What We Do

"The purpose of this club shall be to encourage interest in canoeing and kayaking primarily among undergraduates, but also to include others within the Dartmouth Community. This activity is to take place on the nearby Connecticut River and other waterways of the world as well. Through good fellowship in the out-of-doors, and by providing opportunity for the development of such personal traits as leadership, experience, self-reliance and integrity, the club furthers the educational objectives of Dartmouth College."


Ledyard Canoe Club runs paddling trips for people of all skill levels from flatwater paddling to class IV creeking. Ledyard is able to take advantage of the numerous waterways in the Northeast and also runs an annual whitewater kayaking trip over spring break to Asheville, NC.

Ledyard's clubhouse is conveniently located on the Connecticut River just north of the Ledyard bridge in Hanover, NH. Various boats are available for rental including canoes and single and tandem flatwater kayaks. Ledyard does not rent out whitewater boats.

The current rental rates are...

The business is open when the temperature of the CT River is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit generally mid-May to mid-October.


Past Trips

Salmon River Trip 2009

Davis Kirby Adventure Fund

Guide to SFTS Planning

Find it here!