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[[File:Liberty.jpg|200px|thumb|right|The summit of Mt Liberty]]
*Driving Distance: 70 miles
*Driving Distance: 70 miles

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The summit of Mt Liberty


  • Driving Distance: 70 miles
  • Hiking Distance: 10 miles
  • Difficulty Level: Strenuous

Driving Directions

Take 91 North from Hanover, get off at Fairlee and take 25A to 25 to 118 as you would to go to the Lodge. Continue on 118 past the lodge until it ends at 112. Take the right fork to get on to 112 north, which you will follow to I-93 North. Take I-93 to the Franconia Notch and park at the Liberty/Flume Trailhead parking lot (AT).

Hiking Directions

Follow the Liberty Springs Trail (AT) a short distance to its fork. Stay right to climb the Flume Slide trail. This trail is very steep, and scary at spots. The steepest section is less than a half-mile, but plan for it to take a very long time, especially with a large trip. At the top is the summit of Mt Flume, and the Franconia Ridge trail. Head north on the ridge trail to the summit of Liberty, with some nice views of it's own, then down the Liberty Springs Trail back to the trailhead.

More Information

White Mountain Guide

Advice & Anecdotes

The Flume slide is extremely steep and rocky. Do not attempt to descend it, or to ascend if conditions are wet, icy, or otherwise not so nice.