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Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park is a small park/farm that is perfect for beginner cross-country ski trips! Plenty of trails to keep you occupied for a half-day or full day out on the snow.

Driving Directions

Skiing Directions

Take the Mountain Road up and around the Pogue, or further. Make sure you stop at the ski hut to warm up!

Trip Reports

1/18/2016 Group: Kassie Amann (leader), Adam Burnett (heeler), Mac Murphy, Greg Partridge, Rena Hegyi, Nick Thyr, Emma Rieb, Anna Ellis, Audrey Scott, Lillian Zhao, and Joe Connolly Weather: It was about 20ºF and a bit windy, but not too uncomfortable at all. Skies were partly cloudy. About three inches of much-needed snow had fallen the previous night and earlier that morning, coating the trees, dancing around in the wind, and making the woods extra beautiful. Trail Conditions: We cross-country-skied on the carriage roads through the park. Snow conditions varied on these roads, but all were suitable for skiing. Most were fairly packed down but not icy, making for pretty good skiing. Others were slightly icy but not bad, and still others were covered in unpacked powder. There were about six inches of snow on the ground. Time: We left campus at 10:00 AM and were back at 3:00 PM.