Mt. Cabot

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Mt. Cabot
Drive 113 miles (2 hours 5 minutes)
Hike 9 miles
Difficulty Moderate

Driving Directions

Take I-91 North to exit 19, I-93 South to exit 1, turn left on Route 18, and then right onto Route 2 East. Follow 2 to its intersection with Route 3, and take a left onto 3 North. After about 9 miles, turn right onto Route 110. Follow this for about 18 miles, then turn right onto York Pond Road; the trailhead is at the end.

Hiking Directions

Follow York Pond Trail left from the trailhead, and after .2 miles turn right onto Bunnell Notch Trail. Follow this for 2.8 miles, then keep right for the remaining 1.7 miles to the summit. Return by the same route, or, for a longer trip, continue along this trail and return by taking a right onto Unknown Pond Trail.

Trip Reports


Group: Adam Burnett '18 (leader), Michelle Dundek '18 (heeler), Alejandra Vanessa Cuervo Covian '16 (+TH), Charles Springer '17

Weather: Erratic. When we pulled into the parking lot the sun was shining. As we began walking down the road to the trailhead, we were surprised to feel a couple light raindrops. It got progressively cloudier, we heard a couple distant thunderclaps, and within 15 minutes it was pouring. We trudged ahead through the rain and thunder for about 30 minutes before it let up, giving way to sunshine that made the newly doused foliage sparkle. This good weather held for almost the entire remainder of our hike. The horizons were a little cloudy, so viewing was not excellent, though it was surprisingly good. When we got to the Horn, clouds were brushing the peak, and we got rained on for about 10 minutes before it cleared again. The weather was fine for the rest of the hike.

Route: We parked at the Unknown Pond south trailhead. We hiked the Bunnell Notch Trail and Mount Cabot Trail to the summit of Cabot, then continued on the Kilkenny Ridge Trail over the Bulge and the Horn. After a late lunch on top of the Horn, we continued down to Unknown Pond, then down the Unknown Pond Trail back to the parking area. About 11.6 miles total.

Time: Left campus at 8:15 AM, back at 8:45 PM. We got back an hour and 45 minutes later than planned: we were not as fast as expected, the rain and resulting slippery rocks slowed us down some, and the drive (2.25 hours) was a little longer than expected.

Notes: The Unknown Pond south trailhead, as well as a couple other trailheads, are accessed via a gated road that passes by the Berlin Fish Hatchery. The gate may be closed and locked at times. They expect hiker traffic, and it seems (from online hiking forums and such) that they hardly ever lock it, despite the posted hours on a sign nearby. Nevertheless, you may want to call the fish hatchery and ask when the gate will be open. (On this trip, the gate was open when we passed through at a little after 10:15, and it was still open when we passed through at around 6:30.)