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''Leaders:'' Lauren Lesser '10 & Dennis Zeveloff '12
''Leaders:'' Lauren Lesser '10 & Dennis Zeveloff '12

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Trip Report: Skiing around the base of Mt. Madison 1/18/10

Mt. Madison has a network of multiple loops and interconnecting trails which were great for skiing. Definitely a moderate ski, some parts of the trail were steep but most had a pretty gradual climb. We took Valley Way up for a while and descended via the Randolph Path - some stream crossings, but everything was frozen enough to make it fine. There are a lot of waterfall paths nearby that we didn't take, but would also we cool to check out. Would love to come back and ski/hike it again someday!

Conditions: 1/18/10, gorgeous and not-too-cold after a night's snowfall. Powder actually made our xc skis sticky on the way down, so maybe bring some wax to help with that. As always, bring extra ski poles for when one of yours breaks!!

Suggestions: Good maps can be found on the White Mountain Guide Online. This trip would also make a great snowshoe hike. Luckily our conditions were great, and we didn't go above treeline, so I don't have any suggestions for attempting a full summit. The whites can be unpredictable but the base of the mountain was beautiful and seemed well-sheltered in the trees.

Leaders: Lauren Lesser '10 & Dennis Zeveloff '12