Mt. Piermont

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Mt. Piermont
Drive 35 miles
Hike 4.4 miles
Difficulty Moderate

Mt. Piermont is the mountain on the West side of Lake Armington, and since it has an East-facing clearing at the summit, it is a fantastic spot to go watch the sun rise! It makes for a great "Overnight(potentially with dinner/campfire) + Sunrike" package!

Driving Directions

Take 91 north from Hanover, get off onto 25C east, eventually take a right turn onto Cape Moonshine Rd. The trailhead is at the West end of the property of Camp Walt Whitman. *Note* this may be closed private property. Make some inquiries about access, or at least be very polite when you show up, and ask for permission.

Hiking Directions

Heading South on Cape Moonshine Road from 25C, look for the first road with a barrier leading into Camp Walt Whitman, walk along the main road there past the little beach, and take the middle path (not the one that goes right along the lakeside), and you will see a trail-head that says "Ritchie Smith Trail". This trail leads directly to the summit, and there are no forks or divergences.

Advice & Anecdotes

The trail is hard to follow at some points due to blowdowns/stream crossings, so be careful on that and watch out for yellow blazes. There is a very steep rock face towards the top that the trail climbs, and can be difficult to tackle. Also, definitely allot more time to going back down than the time alloted to climbing up - it's that kind of trail.

Winter advice

There can be a fair bit of snow, especially at the top, which is slightly exposed and can be decently windy. Especially in the late spring, you'll often end up waist-deep in snow (not particularly hazardous - actually quite fun!)

Trip Reports


Group: 6. Georgi Klissurski (Heeler), Charlie Governali (Co-leader). Trippees: Irvin Gomez, Eric Waskowicz, Reed Wommack, Yuxiang Zhou.

Weather: Rainy, overcast, light breeze. Visibility only a couple hundred feet.

Route: From trailhead of Edmands Path on Mt. Clinton Road (paved, summer only), to the summit of Mt. Eisenhower (via Edmands Path and then Crawford Path).

Time: 1 hr 15 mins ascending, 1 hr 30 down.

Notes: The trail was in good condition, even after Hurricane Irene. There were wood bridges, and crossing the brooks was not a problem. The trail crosses a few streams (and one of them is a small waterfall!), so crossing might be a little slippery in these areas. This is a trip with great views of the Presidential Range and the White Mountains as a whole (weather permitting), and the exposed alpine area around the summit is fascinating with its mosses, flowers, and occasional bogs. You might run into singing birds and lots of hikers.