Mt. Tecumseh

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Mt. Tecumseh
Drive 67 miles (1 hour 25 minutes)
Hike 5 miles
Difficulty Moderate

Driving Directions

Take I-91 North to exit 15 (Fairlee), turn right, then left onto Route 5 North, then right onto Route 25A East. After crossing the Connecticut, turn right and then left to remain on 25A. Turn right onto 118 South/25 East at the junction of 25 and 118, then go straight to remain on 25 East. After about 6 miles, turn left onto 3A North, and then onto I-93 North. Take exit 28 and turn right onto Route 49 North, toward Waterville Valley. Follow this about 10 miles, then take a left onto Tripoli Road. After a mile turn left toward the ski area. The trailhead is in the farthest part of the ski parking from the perspective of an entering vehicle.

Hiking Directions

Follow the trail 2.2 miles (with a nice viewpoint marked to the left halfway up). Take the right fork at the end of this, and then after a short distance the trail forks again; either way will bring you to the summit. Return the same way.

Trip Reports


Leaders: Fredrik Eriksson '16, Apoorva Dixit '17

Trippees: Peter Schroen '19, Michelle Dundek '18, Tarika Narain '17, Johnny Sanchez '18, Sarah (Sally) Glowiak '17, Catherine Rocchi '19, Megan Larkin '19, Kevin Tan '19, Sharon Bian '19

Drive there took us 1h 45mins due to taking the wrong turn on 118. Remember you're going towards Rumney, rather than the Lodge! We kept a good pace with this large group, taking 2h up and 1h 15mins down with a photo break at the scenic halfway point (one of the ski slopes) on the way up. Spent 40 minutes at the top for lunch. Good ledges with stellar views to dine on. Views mostly to the East. Great October weather, lots of other hikers in Halloween costumes. There are a few stream crossings to navigate. They were trivial, but could involve some serious jumping for those without waterproof shoes. Great beginner hike for those who want to do something lighter. Arguably much easier than e.g. Moosilauke. Somewhat rocky trail.