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This page details the policies regarding PE instruction for OPO.


  • PE instructors should display a high degree of professionalism. They should be timely, and fully prepared for each class. They should treat all students fairly and in accordance with the Dartmouth Principles of Community. They should ensure that students receive all of the required instruction, each according to his/her need.
  • Instructors must recognize that this is paid work, as distinct from leading a common-adventure trip within the DOC.

Medical Information

  • Instructors must collect pertinent medical information from participants prior to beginning the course, using the OPO medical form available here: Med Form.
  • These forms will be reviewed by the instructor, who will note any conditions that require special care, then return the forms to the Administrative Assistant, who will store them in a controlled area until the end of the course. If there were no incidents, the forms will be destroyed. If there was an incident, the relevant form will be retained until no longer needed.
  • The instructor will keep all medical information confidential.
  • The instructor will make any arrangements, as necessary, to accomodate special needs of his/her group.
  • The instructor must have his/her own medical information on file with OPO. These are kept in a controlled area.
  • Forms can be slipped under the door of the OPO office. They will be collected by the first staff person to see them. They should NOT be digitized in any way.


  • All Lead Climbing Instructors shall have completed the OPO modified AMGA Toprope site management certification or equivalent.
  • All Whitewater instructors shall have completed the ACA WW teaching certification or Equivalent.
  • All Cabin Camping instructors shall have completed the CnT leader training process and be approved by the PE coordinator.
  • All other instructors shall submit a summary of their qualifications and experience to the PE coordinator and will be approved based on that documentation.


  • Instructors will pick up a folder of medical forms and an attendance sheet prior to beginning their class. The attendance sheet must be turned in at the end of the class or when prompted by the administrative assistant (some classes run past the deadline for pass/fail grades to the PE office).
  • This folder will also include an assumption of risk form that must be signed by all participants prior to participation.


  • New instructors must ensure that they are on payroll. See the administrative assistant (Laura Dukeshire) for details.
  • Must fill out timesheets according to the student (or staff, depending on status) timesheet schedule, posted on the Dartmouth payroll website. See Laura for more info.
  • It is possible to earn PE credit INSTEAD of pay for a class. You must elect this during the course set-up. It cannot be done retroactively after the course.
  • There is a pay rate for lead instructors. Assistant instructors earn minimum wage. If there is a co-leading situation, we can average the two rates for both instructors. This also must be elected during course set-up, not when you go in to fill out your time sheet.


  • Instructors will not arrange for a substitute instructor without the approval of the PE coordinator.
  • Instructors will not change the time or dates of PE classes after the add/drop is over.
  • Instructors will have a bad-weather plan. Under almost all circumstances, the class should run during the assigned time and day. Do not reschedule.


  • Instructors will treat all equipment with great care and will clean and organize all equipment before returning. They will coordinate with the Rentals Coordinator in a timely manner.


  • All PE classes must use college vehicles.
  • Instructors will adhere to all College regulations and State laws. They will drive in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Instructors are responsible for booking their own vehicles. If a rain plan involves canceling a reservation, the instructor is responsible for doing so and shall do so at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Instructors will book the smallest vehicle that is appropriate to their needs.


  • Instructors will review curricula for their courses, where available, and will cover all the material to the best of their abilities.
  • Courses should use all the available time. Instructors should not end courses early.


  • All instructors will encourage their participants to fill out a simple feedback form. It is anonymous and will only be looked at by the coordinator. It can be reached at this link: