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== Trip Reports ==
== Trip Reports ==

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Drive 25 minutes
Hike 2-3 miles
Difficulty very easy

Driving Directions

Driving directions: drive north on route 10 into Lyme. turn towards the Skiway on Dorchester Road. It will take you through some sharp corners and then into the village of Lyme Center (notice the white Baptist Church and the Academy Building). After you've passed the Academy building, the next road on your left will be Acorn Hill Road. Turn onto it. Drive for a few miles. The second road on the left will be Hardscrabble Road; the intersection is very large. Park sensibly somewhere on the side of this intersection. Maybe next to the post-and-rail fence. Continue walking along the road which leads downhill. Almost immediately, there is an unmarked dirt road on the left. (not a driveway, just a road). This is your trailhead.

Hiking Directions

Hike along this dirt road. you'll go down a hill and then up, and at the top of this short hill the road will split. Take the road to the left. it will lead you up through the woods and spit you out into a very large field. The road winds up to the left through this field. Follow it uphill. It re-enters the woods and continues steeply uphill. Near the top of the hill, it will open up again and there will be apple trees. The summit is marked by a stone chimney. Return the way you came.

Advice and Anecdotes

This is a great place to have a picnic, with views in all directions: towards Smarts, the Skiway, Post Pond below, and Vermont across the valley.

Trip Reports