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US 30 in Fayetteville, PA to Va.55 in Linden, VA - 104.6 miles

Section Chiefs: Angela Dunnham '13 & Wayne Bardsley '70

Section 12.jpg Congratulations!

With a turnout of 32 hikers, divided into four groups, we successfully navigated the entire 41 mile Maryland section of the Appalachian Trail under generally rain-free skies and ideal (mid-60’s) temperatures.

Attached is our group photograph at the start and two photos from my Segment 4 group at the Pennsylvania border and two photos from the Segment 3 group.

Thanks to all for participating. I hope that all sore muscles recover quickly!


P.S. No word yet from Hanover on the overall success of the project, but I assume all sections were covered in a day!

US 30 to Pa.233

Hikers:John And Gwen Pedrick

My wife and I met David Baukman '88 on the porch of the Hoover House in Waynesboro, PA on Friday night and planned our AT adventure. We left the Day's Inn early on Saturday morning and took his van to the intersection of the AT and Snowy Mountain Road near South Mountain, PA. We then drove him to his starting point at Pen Mar. We drove back north to our starting point at Caledonia State Park. Unfortunately, we were too late to meet up with Glenn Reed and his wife.

Our hike took us south from Caledonia State Park to Buzzard Peak, known as Chimney Rocks where we met David and then backtracked to his van on Snowy Mountain Road. Including the backtracking we hiked about 11 miles.

It was a beautiful day for hiking. The trail was quite rocky as can be seen in the few pictures attached. We were surprised not to see or hear any wildlife. In Iowa, the deer are thick. Apparently South Mountain was having a parade with lots of firetrucks. That was the main thing we heard for the last couple of miles.

We stopped at Rocky Mountain shelter and wrote a message in the register book about the Dartmouth Outing Club and our big hike. We also signed-in at a station along the trail near Chimney Rocks.

We had a great day in Gettysburg on Sunday before driving back to Baltimore for a 6:15 a.m. Monday flight back to Iowa.

It was a fun AT adventure. Thanks to the committee who organized it. Happy Birthday, DOC!

Jim (Thayer '82) and Gwen Pedrick


Pa.233 to PA-MD line

Ashby Gap/US 50 to Va.55

Hiker Steve Hufford

Matt and Athena, congratulations on all your organizing. I hope you are now enjoying your well-deserved break.

I am emailing to confirm that I did, indeed, hike the AT northbound in VA from its intersection with Routes 55 & 66 to its intersection with Route 50. I had the company of fellow '79s Burr Gray and Bill Conway. It was a fine day on the trail, with just a few morning sprinkles, and clearing skies by noon. I have attached a picture, with all three of us displaying a large banner made from the ATinaday logo. Burr Gray is on left, I am in the center, Bill Conway on right. The large banner worked quite well for its intended purpose!

The DOC can be proud of its excellent idea to cover the entire AT in a day, and on its efforts to surmount the significant logistical challenges involved. Please take any lessons learned from this year, and try again soon! The extended Dartmouth community will surely be able to pull it off the second time around...

best wishes, Steve Hufford '79 Steve Hufford.jpg

Snickers Gap/Va.7/Va.679 to Ashby Gap/US 50

Hiker Faulkner White

My section is called the Roller Coaster. For good reason. The day started with intermittent rain that continued throughout the hike. Not enough to even get wet. The color hasn't really started here in VA, except at the very northern end there was a little more color. This is a tough hike. Even though the elevation ranges only between 700 and 1300 feet, this hike packs 4000 vertical feet into 14.2 miles. That's 4000 up and 4000 down. Passed no one and no one passed me going in my direction. A handful of camping hikers coming from the Rt 7 side. I talked up our project to all who I met. Elapsed time for the hike - 6 hours, 52 minutes.

One of the fondest memories I have of Dartmouth is of my freshman trip. It set in motion a lifetime of hiking, from Tuckerman's Ravine to Half Dome. Thank you DOC for all that you do. I hope we made it.


Faulkner White '72 White Faulkner.jpg