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US 250/I-64 in Waynesboro, VA to Rt.43/Pkwy Dr. in Buchanan, VA - 112.1 miles

Section Chief: Ryan Nightingale '13

US 250/I-64 to Dripping Rock Parking Area/Blue Ridge Parkway mile 9.6 - 14.3 miles

Hikers: Ron Harris and Nora Johnson

Dripping Rock Parking Area/Blue Ridge Parkway mile 9.6 to Tye River/Va.56 - 15.3 miles

Hiker: Robert Conley

Robertconley.jpg View.jpg

View2.jpg View3.jpg


Tye River/Va.56 to Fish Hatchery Rd. - 9.4 miles

Hiker: Richard Olin

Fish Hatchery Rd. to Salt Log Gap/USFS 62 - 7.8 miles

Hiker: Richard Olin

Salt Log Gap/USFS 63 south to USFS 39 Little Irish Creek Pedlar River Bridge - 15.3 miles

Hiker: Frisbee Tyler

Pedlar River Bridge south to US 501/Va.130 - 15 miles

Hiker: Rick Sample


AT in a Day Organizers,   My wife (Celia Rafalko) and I successfully completed our Virginia segment on Saturday from Blue Ridge Parkway mile 51.7 to U.S. 510/VA 130 (10.9 miles.)  It turned out to be a beautiful day with wonderful views all around, especially from atop Bluff Mountain (elevation 3,370').  Please see the picture attached.   The idea was terrific and honored the long tradition of the DOC.  It reminded me of hiking in the Presidential Range during my Dartmouth time and in later years.   Given the challenge of covering all of the segments in western VA, NC and TN, I'd recommend that the next time we do this, we work with a partner from the region.  This should be a college with an active outdoor orientation and students/alumni/ae who will share the excitement of the concept and adventure.  We'd have to do some research, but maybe a school like Washington & Lee or Appalachian State.  When's our next AT in a day?!   All the best,   Rick Sample '74

US 501/Va.130 to Petites Gap/Blue Ridge Parkway mile 71.0 - 9.9 miles

Hiker: Mark Lattanzi


Here's our race report:

We hiked from Petite's Gap to VA 501.  We met Deb Darling (another participant) at Petite's Gap on 9:15AM on Saturday morning.  It was a bit overcast and spitting rain, but it turned out to be a gorgeous day.  We drove her up over Apple Orchard Mtn to the start of her section and dropped her off.  Then we returned to Petite's Gap to hike our section.  We consisted of myself (Mark Lattanzi from Blacksburg, VA), my dog Quincy- a Bernese Mountain Dog, and Gretchen Weinnig (from Roanoke, VA).

We were on the trail by 10AM.  It was about a 10 mile hike on the AT and we took a slight detour off the trail to the Devil's Marbleyard.  It's a rocky hillside of white medium-sized boulders.  We picked a flat one and had a grand lunch before we finished up the hike.  It got a bit humid as the day wore on and Quincy was pretty knackered and dragging by 2:30PM.  Luckily, we had less than an hour of hiking left or we're not sure she would have made it.

We had a great day.  The leaves were just starting to turn colors.  The weather held out for us.  And we met a few southbound through hikers and a half dozen day hikers along the way.  It was a great feeling to be hiking and yet to be a part of something bigger.  Kudos to the DOC for orgainzing the event.

Mark, Gretchen, and Quincy

Petites Gap/Blue Ridge Parkway mile 71.0 to Blue Ridge Parkway mile 78.4 - 7.3 miles

Hiker: Debra Darling

Debra01.jpg Debra04.jpg

Blue Ridge Parkway mile 78.4 to Va.614 - 11.4

Hiker: Ralph Webb


Va.614 to Va.43/Bearwallow Gap - 6.4 miles

Mountain bikers