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US 2 in Gorham, NH to N.H.112 in Kinsman Notch - 91.1 miles

Section Chief: Dave Metsky '85

Rattle River Trailhead on Route 2 in Shelburne, NH to North Carter Trail Intersection

Doug Burnell '70, Seth Burnell

Doug Burnell '70 and son Seth (Cornell '02) hiked the AT from the Rattle River Trailhead on Route 2 in Shelburne NH to the North Carter Trail intersection, enveloped by a misty overcast the whole way. Sun and foliage finally emerged in dramatic views as we descended over the Imp face at 4:00 pm, by which time the cloud cover was even lifting away from the Presidential Range. The attached requisite photo was taken at our 4539' high point on North Carter.

Doug Burnell '70

Skookumchuck Trial on Lafayette and Crawford Notch

Michael Childs, '72

I thought my 22 mile section between the Skookumchuck Trail on Mt Lafayette and Crawford Notch would be relatively easy. But it was real hard due to the weather. I started at Greenleaf Hut after spending Friday night there with my wife, Diane Amsterdam. Cllimbed up Lafayette at 7AM, then to Galehead Hut and on to Zealand Hut before descending to Crawford Notch, all on the AT with no shortcuts! Sections of the trail from Lafayette to Galehead had been transformed into a roaring stream. Most of the way from Lafayette to Zealand Hut was fogged in, raining, windy, and cold. Footing was precarious. My 10 hour estimate turned into a 14 hour adventure, with the last two hours in complete darkness worried that my headlamp would give out. But what fun it was! I want to thank my wife Diane Amsterdam, one of the first sixty women coed's at Dartmouth in 1968-1969. She was waiting for me at the Crawford Notch parking lot late Saturday night with no idea when I would arrive. I also want to thank David Metsky '85, section chief for my section of the AT. I can only imagine how much work went in to organizing all of this.

A couple words about the DOC: over the years I've stayed at several of the DOC cabins. One year I hiked 50 miles of the AT with my two young daughters and my dog, going from Hanover to Armington and Smarts Mountain and Mt Cube and finishing on the summit of Moosilauke. We stayed at the cabins along the way - including Armington and Hinman - and on Moosilauke my wife met us with fresh blueberry pie at Big Bear Cabin. We finished that trip on the summit of Moosilauke. Another trip we stayed at Billings Lodge, with more family memories of hiking in the Whites. I'm a big fan of the DOC and even as I turn 60 I'm always keeping the cabins in mind as a getaway when my schedule opens up. Being a part of the ATinADay meant a lot to me, and I'd like to be there for the DOC in the future. It is so important for the DOC to be a significant presence at Dartmouth. You folks are the future leaders of this country, and how we think about the mountains and the environment will make all the difference to preserving the outdoors for future generations.

Michael Childs, '72

Pinkham Notch Visitor Center to Carter Notch Hut

Dave Brown

I hiked from Pinkham Notch visitor center, over the Wildcats, down to Carter Notch Hut and the junction via Carter Dome Trail. Met Doug, an '82, on the trail. It was 36 degrees over the Wildcats; wet fog, windy, with visibility of about 50'. It stayed that way all across ridge. By the time I got back to Route 16 it looked like Wildcat had cleared, but not the Presidentials-I hope whoever did that section was safe and sound. Thanks again for letting me be part of it.

Dave Brown

Mt. Madison to Mt. Pierce, NH

Patrick McCarthy

IMG 0766.jpg IMG 0773.jpg IMG 0780.jpg IMG 0772.jpg

Thanks again for organizing such a great event. My group (Evan Simpson '06, Will Canestaro '06, Ian Sarr '05) and I were responsible for hiking from Mt. Madison to Mt. Pierce in NH.. We split the hike in two at Washington in order to arrange pick ups and drop offs, Evan and Will hiking from Madison to Washington, and Ian and I hiking from Mt. Washington to Mt. Pierce. It was an incredible experience, and we had an awesome time even though the weather didn't cooperate(See photos above).

Patrick McCarthy '04