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  • ATinaday<br/> *
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  • ...abins in mind as a getaway when my schedule opens up. Being a part of the ATinADay meant a lot to me, and I'd like to be there for the DOC in the future. It
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  • ...of the climb, quite a few after reaching Everett summit. None were on the ATinaday team. ...dea (August?), I thought "Nice idea"...but I did not investigate. A later ATinaDay email (in September?) made me wonder how this "Great Idea" was evolving. R
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  • ...¼ mile from the trail) . All of us were happy to have contributed to the ATinaday project and I especially look forward to hearing of its success. I can thin
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  • ...right orange salamander. Many hikers we met had heard about the Dartmouth ATinaDay hike through their networks or read about it in Backpacker magazine, so we ...n of the AT], I was thrilled to get the DOC's invitation to participate in ATinaDay, and very impressed with the audacity of the idea and immensity of the logi
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  • ...ed a picture, with all three of us displaying a large banner made from the ATinaday logo. Burr Gray is on left, I am in the center, Bill Conway on right. The
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  • ...also enjoyed being part of history as Dartmouth attempted the first every ATinaDay experience.  The camaraderie among those planning and those hiking was i ...s meeting two through hikers who were really pumped up about the Dartmouth ATinaDay effort.  I overpacked for the day and shared with them the chocolate bar
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  • ...ob - five miles north of Peck's corner.. so I will claim 15.5 miles of the ATINADAY. Dartmouth Alums are supposed to be enterprising and I did hike some 17+mil Atinaday photo to include me!
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