Summer 2009 photo contest

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To encourage people to get outside and enjoy the (occasionally rainy) summer, the DOC is launching the Summer 2009 photo contest. The idea is that students go on trips, take pictures of themselves on said trips, and then post them to this page, where other people can look at them. At the end of the summer, winners will be chosen.


Submit as many photos as you would like, each with your name attached and other pertinent information (who is in the photo, where it was taken, what category you are submitting it for, etc.). The photos will be judged at the end of the Summer term and winning photos in each category will be published in the centennial edition of Woodsmoke.


  • Best picture of any outdoor activity
  • Best picture of a technical move
  • Picture of someone who has never been on a DOC trip before on a DOC trip
  • Best picture of nature/wildlife seen on a trip
  • Best Biking Picture
  • Best Kayaking/Canoeing Picture
  • Best Climbing Picture
  • Best Hiking/Trailwork picture

How to Upload

Just email your pictures to, and we'll put them up online. Please include the photographer (or team) that is submitting them, the location, and anybody in the pictures as well as what categories you are submitting it in.



Check out the submissions: