Summer 2009 photo contest

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Summer 09 Photo Contest

To encourage people to get outside and enjoy the (occasionally rainy) summer, the DOC is launching a photo contest. The idea is that students go on trips, take pictures of themselves on said trips, and then post them to this page, where other people can look at them. At the end of the summer, winners will be chosen.


Note: This is a preliminary draft of the rules. Please check back to ensure no changes have been made.

The photo contest has two components: One being a team-based photo scavenger hunt and the other an individual artistic competition.

Team Challenge- Create a team of your friends and choose a team name. Below there is a list of photos to hunt for. Some are places to search for and others are events. Each photo challenge is worth five points. Go out, and try to find as many of the target photo locations and events as possible and take a picture involving one of your team members (to prove you were there). Then submit photos with your team name, the photographer, and the target as the tag. For example, if Robinson Hall were the target, in order to get points your team would have to go and find Robinson Hall and then take a picture including both Robinson Hall and one of the team members. The targets are only split up by sport to simplify finding them. Point values will be summed at the end of the summer. Winning teams will receive eternal glory! (and their names will be featured on the wiki).

A new challenge photo will be added each week. If you find the challenge photo within the first day of posting, your team will receive double the points.

Individual Challenge- The categories are listed below. Submit as many photos as you would like (with your name attached and the categories in which you are entering it) in as many categories as you like. The photos will be judged at the end of the Summer term and winning photos in each category will be published in the centennial edition of Woodsmoke.

Target Photos

Team Challenge Photos

Feel free to add your own target pictures (or blitz theDOC and we'll add your suggestion for you!)

Mountain Biking Club:

Picture of more than 5 people on a ride

Picture of the ski jump on Oak Hill

Picture of the Gile mountain firetower

Picture of an emergency repair

Picture of a fireplace on top of a hill in Lyme


Picture of the Ledge on Techno

Picture of the Top of Lonesome Dove

Picture of Peewee's Playhouse of Doom

Picture of someone doing their first lead


Picture of someone doing a boof stroke

Picture of someone hucking a waterfall

Picture of someone just after rolling up in whitewater

Picture of someone as they descend into the icy gnar

Photo of the Week: Picture of a trail with red blazes

Individual Contest

Best picture of any outdoor activity

Best picture of a technical move

Picture of someone who has never been on a DOC trip before on a DOC trip

Best picture of nature/wildlife seen on a trip

Best Biking Picture

Best Kayaking/Canoeing Picture

Best Climbing Picture

Best Hiking/Trailwork picture

How to Upload

Please check out this page for advice on how to upload a picture.

To insert a picture into the gallery, simply edit the gallery and copy an existing line of code.


Team Challenge

Individual Challenge