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READ and observe the posted rules at the range.

  • No Alcohol
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Trash, brass, and “fun to shoot” items must all be removed from the range. There is no trash service out there, so come prepared. This includes cleaning up the soda cans, balloons or other items brought out for target practice. Please: NO GLASS, FRIDGES, COMPUTERS, etc. These are extremely difficult to clean up.
  • Limit shooting to no more than 1.5 hours. There are people who live nearby and they are gracious enough to put up with the existence of the range. Don’t abuse this by shooting for excessive periods of time, especially of large calibers.
  • NO AUTOMATICS or unnecessary destruction of shooting stands. As fun as it is to pointlessly fire hundreds or thousands of rounds at target stands just to watch them disintegrate, the stands are built and maintained by the Club for Club use. Don’t abuse this.
  • NO HANDGUNS. The shooting range is only open to students and students are not allowed to have handguns anywhere near, around, or on campus. This includes at the shooting range. The College, Safety and Security and the Hanover Police Department all take this very seriously.
  • Please respect community events at the adjacent soccer fields and the Organic Farm. If an event is going on, don’t go shooting. Nothing is more disruptive than listening to the sounds of gunfire, especially at youth sporting matches or Organic Farm gatherings. Respecting our neighbors is of the utmost importance to the continued existence of the shooting range.
  • No shooting early in the morning or in the evening. Obviously firearms may not be discharged during non-daylight hours, but in the spirit of respecting our neighbors we ask that no shooting begin before 9am or after 6pm.
  • Always use the range in a safe manner. Observe the shooting line and shooter safety, always fire in the direction of the target stands, and never fire a firearm when anyone is over the shooting line. This includes shooting from a place beyond the firing line. Shooting may ONLY happen from BEHIND the firing line.
Management Principles
  • The range will be supervised by a combination of the clubs leaders and its advisors in OPO, DOSS and the Community. All suspicious activity will be reported to Safety and Security at which time the determination will be made to notify Hanover Police.
  • Rules violations will result in revocation of privileges. This will be monitored and enforced as above.
  • Bait and Bullet will, in consultation with their advisors, work to educate the student body about safe and courteous use of the shooting range.
  • The Club will also work with the neighbours, including the Organic Farm to educate them on what is appropriate use of the range and what to look for as warning signs of abuse, as well as appropriate reporting procedures.
  • Any maintenance will be performed by Bait and Bullet. If they are unable to perform the maintenance, they may request assistance from OPO staff. If OPO is unable to perform the maintenance, the range may be closed until such a time as maintenance can be performed.