The Big Question Is When To Plant Tomatoes

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Are you questioning when to plant tomatoes? The answer isn't that basic. There are numerous other factors to contemplate about the tomato. Here are a few of the issues to take into account.


The zone that you live in is very significant. Climate is important to your tomato crop. You might live in an region where you may grow them all year long. As an example, a incredibly warm climate will permit you to choose whatever time of year that you simply like. You may have an extended growing season.

The United States has nine growing zones. They're numbered from two through ten. Two will be the very coolest climate. Zone ten will be the warmest. The zones are separated by ten degrees Fahrenheit. The average low in zone ten is 40F. In zone two, it is -40F.

Do you know your zone? If not, you are able to effortlessly locate it on the web. Search for growing or frost zones. Although online, check for the recommendations for planting in your zone. You may live in zone 5. That's the upper Midwest. Memorial Day is really a popular time to start tomato plants. However, quite a few folks feel that mid May is also a superb time.

Additional aspects

You can find other considerations, also. Seasons will vary. It can be a great concept to check the long range weather forecast beforehand. For anyone who is unsure, wait a week or so. This may make your crop a bit late. Even so, it truly is better to be late than lose your whole crop.

Here is yet another consideration. How lengthy does the tomato take to mature and produce fruit? Some might take as long as one hundred days. Other people may well be ready as early as sixty days. This is actually a massive difference. The farther north you live, the earlier you should consider. This way you'll be able to set them out a week or so past the usual date. You might still have a plentiful harvest, later on.

It's a great idea to check with experienced people today within your zone. Visit your local garden center. Somebody there may perhaps have extensive encounter. Talk to neighbors that have their own gardens. They may perhaps have the ability to provide you with valuable details.

Beginning from seed

Do you wish to grow your own tomato plants? In most zones, you'll have to start off them indoors. Enable for one to two weeks for seed germination. You will want the plants to be at least six weeks old. For instance, you want start your crop on Memorial Day. You will need to begin the seeds around the last part of March.


Do you want some early crops? It's OK to set a number of out a number of weeks early. In the event you get a cold snap, you'll be able to cover them. Even in case you lose, them, it really is no large deal.


Are you unsure when to start your tomato crop? It depends on where you live. It also depends on how long they take to mature. Some is going to be performed in sixty days. Others may possibly take up to 100 days. Ask your neighbors that have their own gardens. Many will have a lot of superior guidance. Should you be still unsure, error on the side of caution. Wait a week or much more. Do you would like some early crops? Set a few extras out early. It isn't significantly risk, should you lose them. More info on this subject at