The Kinsmans

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  • Driving Distance: 75 miles
  • Hiking Distance: 12 miles
  • Difficulty Level: Strenuous

Driving Directions

Take 91 North from Hanover, get off at Fairlee and take 25A to 25 to 118 as you would to go to the Lodge. Continue on 118 past the lodge until it ends at 112. Take the right fork to get on to 112 north, which you will follow to I-93 North. Take I-93 through the Franconia Notch and get off at the Lafayette Place exit across from Lafayette campground. The exit is marked with a TRAILHEAD PARKING sign.

Hiking Directions

Your trailhead is at the back of the Lafayette Place Campground - check out one of the maps at the entrance to see exactly where to go. Take the Lonesome Lake trail up to the AMC Hut at Lonesome Lake, then the Fishin' Jimmy Trail (AT) up to the junction by Kinsman Pond Campsite. From here, follow the ridge trail south to North Kinsman, with stellar views down over Kinsman Pond and out over Franconia Ridge. Less than a mile further down is the peak of South Kinsman, also with some nice views. Return the way you came, or add Cannon Mtn by staying on the ridge trail past Kinsman Pond Campsite and returning by the Hi-Cannon Trail. If you do this, allow extra time, since the ridge trail stops being the AT past this junction, and becomes steeper and more rugged.

More Information

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