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The Dartmouth Outing Club is responsible for maintaining 75 miles of the famed Appalachian Trail, an endeavor run primarily by Cabin and Trail. Trailwork includes many different maintenance skills from clearing brush and blowdowns to construction projects like bridges, privies, and shelters. Trailwork is important for keeping trails passable and safe, as well as ensuring minimal environmental impact when connecting hikers to the great outdoors.

Appalachian Trail

The DOC's maintenance of the Appalachian Trail is performed by a wide variety of means. Cabin and Trail runs frequent trips to deal with major blowdowns or drainage problems. The DOC Summer Crew uses grans and endowment funding to put trail crews on the ground to deal with long term trail degradation and construction. Day to day monitoring of the trail and the public lands on which the AT runs is done by a couple terrific groups of community member volunteers, the Trail Adopters and Boundary Monitors.

If you have information regarding a problem with the trail, it should be posted here, or you can contact Cabin and Trail

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