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[[File:Katahdin_Summit.jpg‎|400px|thumb|left|Photo: Phil Bracikowski]]
[[File:Katahdin_Summit.jpg‎|400px|thumb|left|Photo: Phil Bracikowski]]
[[Category:Dartmouth Outing Club subclub]]
[[Category:Dartmouth Outing Club subclubs]]

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The Winter Sports Club is one of the oldest subclubs of the DOC, and has changed more over the years than many of the other subclubs. These days, Winter Sports Club is the home to mountaineering, with a yearly attempt at Mt. Katahdin, ME every January, and backcountry, tele and AT skiing, with the DOC Backcountry account. If you are a student looking for more information, or want to get on the BC ski list, please blitz "hypothermia".


For East Coast skiing stoke, check out New Hampshire AT

Pictures from the 2008 Katahdin trip are up here thanks to Phil Bracikowski.

File:Katahdin Summit.jpg‎
Photo: Phil Bracikowski