Armington Cabin

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Armington Cabin
Armington Cabin front
Distance from Hanover 33 miles
Capacity 9 people
Features Two wood stoves. Located on a lake (canoes available at cabin).

Armington is a one-room cabin on the shore of Lake Armington. It's located 33 miles from Hanover, between Piermont and Warren, NH.


Don Kephart '11 in Armington's loft.

With two wood stoves (one for heating and one for cooking), Armington is a very warm cabin for winter trips. It has six bunks and a loft which fits three, for a total capacity of nine.

The "front lawn" has a fire pit, making Armington a great site for grilling out!

And there's a small shed on the lake with two canoes, paddles, and life jackets in it. If you plan on canoeing, be sure to ask OPO for instructions on using the canoes (and to make sure they're still there!).

Nearby trips

  • Mt. Cube
  • Smarts Mountain
  • Go canoeing on the lake! If you're lucky, you'll get to see (and hear) Lake Armington's loons.
  • In the winter, the frozen lake is a great spot for cross-country skiing. Be sure to dress extra-warm, as there is no wind-protection on the lake.
  • If there's been a recent snowfall, the road outside Armington has some nice rolling hills that make for a fun cross-country ski.


Armington Cabin II was completed in 1967 to replace the first cabin built on the site as part of the cabin chain between Hanover and Mt. Moosilauke. What happened to Armington I?

Trip Reports


Group size: 6

Leaders: Eliza Rockefeller and Dana Wieland

Weather: Cool. Sunny. Perfect.

Description: Headed out at 5:30PM and took scenic route 10 most of the way to the cabin. The driveway was still to muddy to drive down, but perfectly fine for walking. Had a delicious dinner and fabulous conversation, and slept well until the sun and loons met us in the morning. Back by the next morning.