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Blowdowns are a component of trailwork. These are blowdowns that have been reported on the DOC trail network, with location information. The wiki also has information about clearing blowdowns.

List of blowdowns

  • June 11,2011- Both north and south of Cube summit along AT: several large blowdowns which will need a sawyer and crew to clear. Some of these have been here since Lauren's report below (last May). Jason Berard
  • June 4, 2011- Ranger Trail, Smarts - Jason Berard
  • There were several blowdowns, both stepovers and duckunders along the trail, especially between the garage and 2400 feet elevation. This will take a crew with a saw. There is one especially nasty section where the trail is covered with several blowdowns for about 40 feet.
  • May 15, 2011 - Moose Mountain - Bob Ellis/Frank Lesher
  • Frank and I were up the south trail to the summit today and there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Many trees down above the Harris trail and it appears a good deal of trail erosion (maybe from the spring runoff).
  • There is one large tree down just above the Harris trail and we cleaned what we could with a bow saw and pruning shears but this is going to need a chainsaw to finish up.
  • About a quarter mile from the summit there is another large tree across the trail and 4 others that are broken some distance above the base and are resting precariously on neighboring trees. There must have been a hell of a combination of snow and ice to drop as much as we saw today. This cleanup is going to take someone who really knows how to use a chainsaw (much better than I). If this can be done on a weekend I would be happy to help. (7/24/11: cleaned up blowdowns. Jason Berard)
  • I will send a work report tomorrow but wanted you to have a "heads up"!! - Bob Ellis 05/15/2011
  • microburst of spruce down on Ridge-Al Merril right near recent bridge construction. - November 16th, 2010
  • there is a blowdown about a half mile from Cloudland Road that needs to be cleared with a chain saw - August 8th, 2010
  • Some of those open fields could have used a little work, I particularly remember one at Bradly Brook being so tall that I could not easily find the trail at the road crossing there (going south on the AT). There is also a large muddy area just trail south of the brook (about the only mud I saw on the entire trip). There were a few trees down, but nothing really tricky except a couple south of Pomfret Rd, one on the way up the switch backs and the other just over the top and going down the otherside. Because of the rocks and narrow treadway, these were a little tricky to navigate for old guys. - July 19th, 2010
  • On the Path to the Privy at Ore Hill there are two nasty blowdowns. - ThruHiker reported June 20th.
  • Mt Cube: some near the summit that would require a chainsaw, for the next time folks go up there. They sounded kind of icky, so an experienced sawyer (B level or higher for sure) is recommended. -Lauren Lesser, May 17 2010
  • Ridge trail has a ton of blowdowns.  There are a few on Al Merrill and the 10th Mountain Division lookout could use

some clearing.-Eric Benson May 16 2010

  • Velvet Rock on Saturday and noticed a few fairly recent blow-downs. There are a couple on the spur from the AT to the shelter, and then some more on the short-cut trail between E. Wheelock and the shelter. -Dan Nelson, April 20 2010 NOTE Some cleared on June 4th, three more that require chainsaw.
  • We were working on the portion of the AT that is south of 3 mile Road (so instead of taking the trail North and up Moose Moutain, we went the other direction). About 1/4 mile into the trail, we removed 3 blowdowns. One of the blowdowns had the CnT trail blaze so that will need to be replaced on a currently upright tree. Additionally and more importantly, there is a widowmaker hanging over the trail at that exact spot that we cleared today. Somebody who is extrememley experienced with a chainsaw should take care of that right away because it is very tenuously hanging over the trail. Alternately, somebody who knows what they are doing could try winching it down. -Alix Lawrence, May 16 2010
  • VT Trip Report -Caitlin Johnson, May 16 2010
    • Happy Hill to West Hartford = also great, as far as I can remember, although it could use some brushing
    • West Hartford to Joe Ranger Rd = a few small blowdowns [axes or saws could fix], some major brushing
    • Joe Ranger Rd to Cloudlands Rd = again, a few small blowdowns and some major brushing
    • Cloudlands Rd to Pomfret Rd = good as far as I can remember, other than the fact that we're rerouting a trail here!
    • Pomfret Rd to Stage Rd = NASTY and LONG mud section in the part just north of Stage Rd., brushing needed along some of the fields, maybe a small blowdown or two
  • Between Mt. Mist summit and Jeffers Brook Shelter exist several blow downs. You will need a chainsaw or many hours with an axe to clear this section. We also found that many bushes and small trees have started colonizing the trail so lopping would help too.
  • Carsten, July 11, 2010

Completed projects

Move items here when completed

  • bottom 3/4 of mt cube, trip by lauren lesser may 16 2010
  • King Arthur Flour folks with Erin and Rory on June 4th did Velvet rocks from Trescott to Hanover except those three big ones and also trescott North to Hanover Centre road.
  • Mount Moosilauke fell over - omg