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The Cabin and Trail constitution details the regulations of the Cabin and Trail subclub of the Dartmouth Outing Club.

Article I - Purpose

The Cabin and Trail Division of the Dartmouth Outing Club shall serve to further the participation of the members of the Club and the College community in outdoor activities at cabins, on trails, and in the woods and mountains. This end shall be attained by providing leadership and information and through the maintenance of the Club's facilities, and above all through good fellowship in the out-of-doors.

Article II - Organization

The Cabin and Trail Division shall comprise the Heelers, the Leaders, and the Directors of Cabin and Trail. General membership in Cabin and Trail is open to all Dartmouth students and has no inherent responsibilities. Members in the process of completing the requirements for becoming Leaders shall be referred to as Heelers.

Section I: Leadership

All Directors must be Leaders and are required to attend the weekly Directorship meeting.

Article III - Leadership

Section I: Eligibility

All undergraduate students of Dartmouth College who have been active members of Cabin and Trail for at least two terms are eligible to become Leaders. A student is not eligible to become a Leader until the spring term of the first undergraduate year.

Section II: Ascension to Leadership

Admission to leadership in Cabin and Trail shall be granted to all students who complete the established prerequisites for Ascension. The date of Ascensions shall be established by the Directorship and interested Heelers at the beginning of each term.

Section II: Ascension Prerequisites

The prerequisites for ascension to Leadership are outlined on the Heeler Sheet. The term in which a student first submits a Heelers Sheet for consideration must be a term in which the student is enrolled and taking a normal course load. If the student is not chosen for ascension at that time, the directorship shall give feedback and he or she may reappear for ascension in any subsequent term.

Section III: Review of Heeler Sheets

Heeler sheets shall be reviewed by the leadership body at the meeting immediately before the date of Ascensions, which shall be established at the beginning of the term. At this time objections may be made to candidate leaders, but no heeler sheet shall be rejected unless it can be proven that a candidate did not successfully complete all of the requirements for ascension.

Section IV: Power of Removal

When necessary, the leadership of Cabin and Trail shall have the power by a two thirds vote of all its leaders present at the election to remove from Cabin and Trail any leader, or to remove from office any officer.

Section V: Leader Requirements

The Leaders of Cabin and Trail shall be authorized to serve as sole or joint administrators for any Cabin and Trail activity, with the approval of the chairs. They are expected to attend both the Leader meetings and the general meetings, lead at least one event or trip per term, and to attend Ascensions.

Article IV - Cabin and Trail

Section I – Duties

Cabin and Trail shall uphold and fulfill the purposes of the Division through the executive guidance of its Directors for the policies, programs, and facilities delegated to it.

Section II – Meetings

Cabin and Trail shall hold two weekly meetings comprising a meeting of the Leaders and a General Meeting. In addition, the Directorship shall meet at least once per term with additional meetings being called at the discretion of the Chair(s). All meetings are open to the general membership of Cabin and Trail. Individual Director or Leader meetings may be closed at the discretion of the Chair(s). All meetings shall be conducted by a presiding officer, normally the Chair(s). In the absence of the Chair(s), a member appointed by him or her shall preside.

Section III: Insignia

The insignia of Cabin and Trail shall be a circular emblem with crossed skis and a snowshoe in the center and the words "Dartmouth Cabin and Trail" on the perimeter. All details shall be in green on a white background. Display of the insignia shall be left to the discretion of the individual wearer. Patches displaying the insignia shall be available only to Leaders, while t-shirts displaying the insignia are open to purchase from the general membership.

Section IV: Administration and Paperwork

At the beginning of every fall term, the directorship of Cabin and Trail shall create an Action Plan for the coming year. The Plan may include but is not limited to trailwork and cabin maintenance goals, long term event planning, and club membership issues. The Plan shall be completed in conjunction with the Fall Term budget.

Section V: The Constitution

The Directorship of Cabin and Trail shall review this Constitution at least every five years at a meeting that is open to the general membership. At that time changes to the Constitution may be proposed in order to accurately reflect changes in club procedure and/or policy. Proposed changes to the Constitution must be ratified by a two-thirds majority of leaders present at the meeting.

Article V – Officers & Directors

Section I – List of Directorships

The directors of the Cabin and Trail Division shall be collectively referred to as the directorship and shall comprise the following:

1. Chair(s):

The chairs shall serve as administrative head of the Cabin and Trail Division and provide guidance to all officers, leaders, and members.

2. Director of Trails:

The Director of Trails shall ensure that all trails and structures owned by the DOC are receiving proper maintenance.

3. Director of Cabins and Shelters:

The Director of Cabins and Shelters ensures that all DOC cabins and shelters are receiving proper maintenance. He or she organizes work trips to perform maintenance or construction work as necessary.

4. Director of Leadership Development:

The Director of Leadership Development shall serve as a liaison between the Leadership and the Heelers. He or she ensures that Heelers are given appropriate opportunities to complete the requirements for Ascension.

5. Director of Hiking:

The Director of Hiking shall help to coordinate and plan hiking trips to ensure that a range and variety of trips go out.

6. Member at Large:

The Member at Large shall keep it real for the directorship.

Directors have the authority to vote on club issues.

Section II – List of Offices

The Officers of Cabin and Trail may exist and be added or removed as necessary, at the discretion of the Directorship. Offices are open to both leaders and heelers.

1. Captain of the Woodsmen’s Team:

The captain of the Woodsmen’s Team shall organize the practices and meets of the Woodsmen's Team.

2. Officer of Feeds and Fun:

The Officer of Feeds and Fun shall organize the weekly Cabin and Trail feed and promote club spontaneity, mischief, as well as interclub competition.

3. Publicity:

The Publicity Officer is responsible for composing and sending weekly blitzes, as well as other general club publicity.

3. Other Officers:

Other offices may include the Officer of DinerToure, Sunrikes and Parental Relations

Section III: Director Elections

Directors shall be elected at the beginning of Fall Term at a Leadership Feed open to the general membership and held shortly before the start of classes. Elections shall also be held at the first Trip Planning Meeting of the Winter, Spring, and Summer terms.

Section IV: Candidacy

Directorships shall be decided at the first meeting of the term or at an open Leader feed. Directors determined at the Fall Leader Feed shall be encouraged to serve the entirety of the school year. An incumbent director or officer may remain in office for any number of consecutive terms unless he or she steps down. If the incumbent steps down or is challenged by another Leader, a normal decision shall be made by the leader body.

Section V: Voting

All Leaders are eligible to vote in the election. At the discretion of the Chair(s), voting may take place in person with a show of hands, or by secret ballot. All votes shall be by simple majority.

Section VI: Duties

Each Director of Cabin and Trail shall be responsible for all events and activities falling within the scope of the office, as outlined in Section I. Directors shall also assist the Chair(s) with the general administration of the Division.

Section VII - Officer Elections

All officers listed in Section I shall be elected at general meeting within one week of the beginning of classes for the fall term. This election meeting shall be pre-announced to all members, and all members may vote in it. Nominations are made from the floor by any member. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the voting members present. Officers shall serve for the duration of the term.

Section VI - Chairs(s):

There shall be either one or two Chair(s) per term. The Chair(s) for the coming Spring, Fall, and Winter terms shall be elected annually at a separate, open meeting of Cabin and Trail after the election of the President of the Club. Candidacy shall be announced one week prior to the current chair(s) and distributed to the club membership. Votes shall be allowed from off-campus members via blitz. Summer term Chair(s) will be elected in the spring.

Duties: It shall be the duty of the Chair(s) to coordinate and direct the activities of the Division towards the fulfillment of the purpose of the Division and Club. He or she shall hold ex-officio membership on the Board of Directorship, the leadership, and the officership, as indicated elsewhere in the Constitution or these Regulations. He or she shall acquaint the members of Cabin and Trail with the provisions of the Constitution and Regulations that pertain to Division responsibilities. It shall be the duty of the Chair(s) to be presiding officer for all Cabin and Trail meetings, or to appoint a presiding officer for any meeting over which he does not preside.

Article VI - Membership

Section I – Composition

The membership of the Division shall be composed of those students or alumni of the College have participated in the activities of the Division and who wish to further its purpose through good fellowship in the out-of-doors.

Approved by the Cabin and Trail Directorship in the Fall of 2006