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Cabin and Trail long term projects are tasks that Cabin and Trail is responsible for over the next few years.



"As I reported on an online hiking forum (link below), I'm sorry to say that one of your trail signs is missing. It's the one on Mt. Mist (Wachipauka Pond Trail) that pointed the way to a nice little viewpoint via a short spur path off the main trail. The link below shows a picture of the sign that had been there for many years."

Woodstock Stage Rd to Pomfret Rd;

Muddy Section off Totman Hill. Contact Marie Hanson <> from the NPS to involve the local 6th grade class?

Around Trescott Boardwalk

Sections needing work (from trailhead to boardwalk, and also from highest priority to lowest): 1. Swampy flat section near the road. Install six 10-12 ft natural bog bridges. 2. Muddy flat section about halfway to the boardwalk. Includes logs laid laterally in the mud. Remove logs; install 3 or 4 bog bridges. 3. Two bog bridges and lateral logs in the mud. Install 2 or 3 bog bridges OR 1 bog bridge and 15ft turnpike. 5a. Existing turnpiking/cobbling near boardwalk (100+ ft on either side). Messy but functional. Add gravel (we would hike it in). 5b. Extend turnpiking about 25 feet.

Recap: Natural Bog Bridges: Install 10 to 12 new. Existing Turnpiking: Improve with gravel or dirt. New Turnpiking: 25-40 ft.

Materials: Softwood is readily available for bog bridges and turnpike cribbing. Rocks: I'm not sure, but I think we can find enough and avoid disturbing wetlands. Gravel: Could be purchased and hiked in. I can make an estimate (# of 5 gallon buckets) if we want to do this. 10" Spikes: Need ~50.

Tools: 1 chainsaw 1 axe 1 or 2 drawknives 1 sledgehammer 1 pick-maddock (or digging trowel, for setting mud sills)