Cabin and Trail trip leader procedures

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The basics of what you need to do to lead a trip:

Trip Planning/Advertising

  • Figure out exactly where you're going, what trails, driving directions, where you're sleeping, etc.
  • Decide on a price - charge people as much as you would like to spend on food. Here's how much typical meals should cost (but feel free to spend more, as long as you charge more): breakfast - $3; lunch - $3; dinner - $4; snack - $2. If your trip involves driving, the price should be $2 higher for non-DOC members.
  • Make a sign for the trip and announce the trip at the Cnt meeting. This sign should include trip cost, duration, and description.
  • Get people to go on the trip (blitz friends, etc)
  • After the meeting, write a "blurb" (trip description like what's on the "This Week" blitz) and blitz it to the Cnt account.

Pre-trip Logistics

  • Blitz the people who wrote their names on your sign-up sheet; include some more info about the trip, and tell them to blitz you their DASH numbers if they want to sign up
    • Check out these example blitzes for some suggestions about communicating with your trippees effectively.
  • Blitz DOR/Mike Silverman and tell him what gear you need to rent/when you want to pick it up - including a first aid kit (that you're supposed to bring for every trip!)
  • As soon as possible (preferably on Tuesday), go to Julie Bell's office and fill out a vehicle request form/trippee sign-up list.
  • Before Thursday afternoon (or a day before your trip), blitz Julie Bell the names of your trippees and their DASH numbers. You won't be able to pick up a credit card/vehicle keys until you've done this!
  • Send out a blitz to your finalized trippee list; include a packing list, trip description, and be sure to ask them if they have any dietary restrictions or need you to rent them any gear.
    • Check out these example blitzes for some suggestions about communicating with your trippees effectively.
  • Go to Julie Bell's office and pick up a credit card and/or keys. If one of your trippees hasn't payed yet, you'll need to pay for them and then collect the money from the trippee later.
  • Go food shopping! Don't buy anything your trippee's can't eat...

The Trip!

  • Go get the vehicle (if it's out at Dewey) 20 minutes or so before the trip is supposed to meet. Check to make sure your vehicle is in working condition (functional brakes, tires are good, etc) and has enough gas.
  • Meet your trippees at the specified time behind Robo. Know that people will probably be late or doing last minute prep grabbing food, checking blitz etc, so budget some fudge time between meeting up and actually leaving.
  • Get people's names, do name games/intros, make sure all the people on the trip sheet are present, crossing off any crumpers.
  • Put the pink trips sheet in the box in Robo basement with any last minute corrections.
  • Explain the game plan to the group so that everyone knows what to expect: where you're going, how long the drive is, what the hike/activity will be like, when they can expect to be back, etc
  • Relatedly, ensure that everyone has appropriate expectations for the trip. Remember, the purpose of the trip is to have fun and be safe, not necessarily to reach a particular goal.
  • Before you begin the trip, discuss the inherent risks as a group. Be sure to note all the important things participants need to do to minimize their risk and maximize fun.
  • Make sure everyone has appropriate gear and an understanding of the demands of the trip.
  • Go on your trip! Have fun! You're awesome!
  • Come back, drop off gear at DOR, make sure the vehicle is at least 1/2 tank full of gas. Say goodbye to trippees.


  • Blitz your trippees telling them what a great time you had and send out any sweet pictures you took! Recruit them to help you plan more trips and get more involved with Cnt.
  • If there were any issues on the trip, discuss them with Rory or the chairs.
  • Update the wiki with all the useful information you discovered about your trip!