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The Cabins Assistant is a paid student-staff member responsible for timely response to minor cabin maintenance needs.

  • The Cabins Assistant will report to the Assistant Director of OPO.
  • The CA will work closely with the reservations coordinator and facilities assistant to monitor reports of DOC cabins.
  • The CA will follow-up on reports via inquiries to renters and/or site visits
  • The CA will work with the Assistant Director and the CnT Cabins Chair and committee to determine priorities and report conditions as well as plan more significant work.
  • The CA will perform resupply trips and routine maintenance on DOC cabins including, but not limited to: Exchanging propane tanks, fixing window sashes, replacing woodstove parts, fixing latches, emptying ash buckets, etc.
  • The CA will take care of any special cleaning needs (such as in the event of abuse or vandalism) and ensure that appropriate charges are made if culpability can be ascertained.
  • The CA will be available for time sensitive response to situations such as running out of propane or monitoring at Class of ’66 Lodge.
  • The CA will make an effort to schedule trips at times when other members of CnT are available and will publicize these trips so that students can accompany the CA.
  • The CA will make an effort to train and educate students involved in these trips.
  • The CA will act as a resource to the Cabin Adopters