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The Cabins Chair is elected at the beginning of each term by the leaders. He/She works closely with the Chairs, the club advisor, the Facilities Assistant and the Reservations Coordinator to act as the club's voice in all decisions regarding cabins.

The Cabins Chair is responsible, in an overarching sense, for the DOC cabins.

Key Responsibilities

  • The cabins chair coordinates the Cabin Adopters program, making sure each cabin has adopters, pairing alumni and students, providing cabins assistant and staff with current lists of adopters and their contact info, training adopters, getting termly reports from adopters, training DOC cabin users, etc.
  • Works with adopters to schedule termly maintenance like removing docks and shutting off water, and vice versa.
  • Coordinates any needed discussions about policy changes, working closely with the chair of the Cabins Committee - they serve as the primary student delegate on that committee.
  • Is the liaison to Cabin and Trail for any issues regarding cabins.
  • Informs Cabin and Trail membership about cabins and their use and educates students in how to use them.
  • Recruits volunteers for volunteer work weekends, to help with regular operational maintenance and to work with the Cabins Assistant and adopters on unscheduled maintenance.