Dartmouth Mountain Biking Club procedures

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Below are the Dartmouth Mountain Biking Club procedures.

Club Positions and Election Procedures


  • 2 Co-Chairs
  • Leaders vote - yay/nay in one room
  • 3 terms, overlapped
  • Must be a leader
  • written or oral statement

Duties and Responsibilities

  • check blitz account
  • contact w/ rory once a month
  • budget
  • at least one chair or delegate at every directorate
  • watch over/assign person to club bikes
  • make sure dor bikes are maintained
  • 100 mile? event
  • find people to cook feeds
  • spring break
  • keys
  • community connections


  • at least once a term towards end leadership approval meeting of current leaders
  • provisionary period for leaders: 2 co-leads, 1 if all ready a leader in another club

Requirements of Leaders

Each leader must take out a trip or skill session each term and ensure gear is returned better than taken out.

Trail Stewards

  • 4-5 volunteers

OPO Contact

  • Rory Gawler

Blitz Account

  • Leaders have access


Club Keys

  • Held by a chair, available to leaders?

DOR Bikes

  • Only checked out by leaders for official rides. 48 hour heads up. If something breaks you must inform mike silverman. Ensure all bikes shift, break, etc.


  • stored in dor

Club Bikes

  • Stored at 3D, locked with combo only leaders, used in interest of club, returned in better condition, user pays for broken parts, unless deemed otherwise by chairs


Leader Meeting

  • before budget meeting every term


  • Every friday or wednesday

Other policies


  • van trips: 1 leader per 6 people for beginners trips max, preferably more leaders

Modification of Procedures

  • leader vote

Trail Advocacy and Maintenance

  • Chairs cognizant of issues
  • 1 oak hill day each term

Oak Hill


  • Maintenance
  • New Trails
  • Closing Trails
  • Opening and Closing Dates
  • Management Plan