Great Bear Cabin

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A CnT group hanging out in Great Bear after hiking Moosilauke, November 2010.

Great Bear is a one-room cabin located on the western side of Mt. Moosilauke.


Great Bear is notable for its simple, much-loved design - according to Dennis Zeveloff '12, Great Bear is so popular among Cabin and Trail members that saying Great Bear is your favorite cabin is now "cliche".

Great Bear has four bunks on the ground floor, as well as a loft with room for six more mattresses. During the warmer months, Great Bear has running water. And for warmth and cooking, there's a wood stove with an oven - be sure to close the door to the stove or it will smoke considerably! Great Bear doesn't have gas lighting, so be sure to bring headlamps or candles!

Nearby trips


Great Bear Cabin III was built in 1990 by Jay Benson '90, Jim DiCarlo '91, Pam Lombard '90, and Julie Wade '91, to replace the second cabin on the site which burned in 1989 after over sixty years of service.

Trip Reports

3/30/2014 - 3/31/14: Heeler Overnight and Sledding

Group: Spencer Chu'16 (Leader), Eliza Rockefeller'17 (Heeler), Dondei Dean'17, Kristina Heggedal'17, Khalil D'Souza'17, Josephine Cormier'17, Jessica Link'17, Christine Luu'17, Christopher Meyer'17, Renata Hegyi'16, Yuri Lee'17, Ruby Hopkins'17

Weather: Cloudy in the 30s and 40s, wet snow

Trip Report: We had a fantastic time! We walked up from the trailhead, ate s'mores, played Cards against Humanity, and hung out, then went sledding in the adjacent fields in the morning. There was only a very small amount of firewood, but that has been replenished since; the cabin was in good condition other than the low wood supply. Snow conditions and not-so-steep hills made sledding difficult, but it was fun anyway!

7/10/2014 - 7/11/2014: Heeler Overnight

Group: Jocelyn Powelson'14 (leader), Renata Hegyi'16 (heeler), Bukola Badipe-Hart'16, Dylan Bukola's+1, Dana Wieland'17

Weather: Beautiful! Warm and sunny, summer morning chill.

Trip Report: We left campus at 6pm on Thursday, got back by 10s on Friday. We stopped at the Lake by the Pemi boy's camp and went for a quick swim. Upon arrovong to the cabin we made chicken fajitas on a gas stove. Everyone had seconds (and thirds!). We went for a walk in the fields, hung out on the porch, and read the log book. Jocelyn took photos of the slightly damaged latch on the door for Rory. We went to bed early and had a wonderfully restful evening! Great Bear never disappoints.