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Discover the remote Groulx Mountains of Northern Quebec on skis and snowshoes. The Groulx Mountains are a true wilderness area of beautiful alpine forests and open summits with ten feet of snow on the ground by March. Wolves, caribou, heated prospector tent makes this an extraordinary experience.

Quebec Mountain Adventure

Each year, the we send a group to the Groulx Mountains in Northeastern Quebec on a telemark skiing and winter-camping adventure. The group is led by Outdoor Programs deputy director Brian Kunz, who has been leading the trip since 1992. The trip is 10 days long and takes place during spring break. The trip is open to all members of the Dartmouth community, including both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, staff and other members of the Dartmouth community. People of all skiing ability are encouraged on the trip, and even novice skiers have had great past experiences.

The Groulx Mountains are located in the Côte-Nord region of Quebec Province, to the east of the Manicouagan reservoir They lie between 51°21’ et 51°43’ north and 67°37’ et 68°17’ west.

17 March 6AM depart Hanover
noon Quebec City visit
Tadoussac overnight in Youth Hostel
18 March
Arrive camp Matsheshu sleep in cabin
19 March
move to heated tent in valley
20 March
Wolf Valley – ski tour
21 March
Magic Forest - ski tour
22 March
Build Snowcaves
23 March
Mont Jauffret - ski to peak and descend/ski tour
24 March
Ski tour
25 March
Ski to Cabin for lunch leave for Tadoussac and Youth Hostel
26 March
Depart Tadoussac 6 AM - drive to Hanover arrive 4 PM

To Sign Up

Contact Brian Kunz in Robinson Hall. Phone: (603)646-3512