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A heeler mentor is a Cabin and Trail leader who have volunteered to counsel heelers, effectively taking some individual(s) "under their wing." To become a heeler mentor, contact the current Heeler chair.

Matching mentors and mentees

An ideal mentor/mentee match is one in which:

  • Mentor and mentee share similar interests
  • There is regular communication between Mentor and Mentee
  • D-plan scheduling allows for continuity of mentor-mentee relation throughout leadership and ascension process

Requirements for heeler mentors

A formal definition of the heeler mentor's responsibilities:

  1. Monitor mentee's development, providing guidance, support, and assistance where possible
  2. Act as the primary channel of communication between heeler, heeler chair, and the present leadership,
  3. Encourage or restrain ambitions of ascension as appropriate
  4. Attend heeler co-leads and the heeler overnight whenever possible
  5. Advise the mentee and leadership council regarding progress

Suggestions for heeler mentors

Heeler mentors are encouraged to assist their heeler in any way they can. Some suggestions:

  • Get in touch with your mentee(s)! Grab lunch with them, grab a cup of coffee, or lead a trip with them.
  • Talk to them about their goals, what they think they need to work on, whatever else is relevant. Answer questions they might have
  • Make sure they know what the leader requirements are (see the heeler page).
  • Find out where they are in the ascension process. You should know what trips they have co-led/plan on co-leading
  • Update the heeler chair about your heeler's progress.
  • Come to CnT's "Midterm Meeting" and talk to the rest of the council about your heeler's progress.
  • When your heeler is trying to ascend, come to the Ascensions meeting