History of Dartmouth Skiing (book)

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In North America, the origins and development of modern skiing — from slalom racing to ski jumping, ski equipment to ski lifts, trail construction to full-scale resort — invariably trace their roots to one place: Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, the smallest and northernmost of the Ivy League schools. In this exhaustively researched new book, Stephen L. Waterhouse and his team of writers and ski historians detail the hugely disproportionate role that one institution has played in shaping an industry that today pumps 25 to 30 billion dollars annually into the U.S. economy. Their stories take us inside the leading collegiate outing club in the country and into World War II’s famed 10th Mountain Division, take us over the headwall of Tuckerman Ravine and beyond the back bowls of Vail, and show the connection to ski clubs and ski oriented prep schools throughout the U.S. We join Dartmouth athletes in National Championships and at every Winter Olympic Games since 1924 and watch as extraordinary disabled athletes redefine adaptive skiing; we see the players behind the brand names (White Stag, Technica, Volkl) and learn the names behind the players (US team coaches and Olympic officials, the rule makers and course setters, the specially trained patrollers and physicians). And through all the stories we follow the growth of a sport that, in large measure, was popularized by people who came through Dartmouth, its three graduate schools (business, engineering and medicine) and the local area; and carried forth a singular, enthusiastic, irrepressible passion for skiing.

This one-of-a-kind resource is must reading for any serious ski historian, for anyone who loves skiing, and for anyone curious about the evolution of winter recreation. It belongs in every ski museum in the land and on the shelves of libraries across the Northeast and the Rocky Mountain West — indeed, wherever people gather to strap boards on their feet and go fast over snow. There is no other history like it. Stephen L. Waterhouse is a skier, amateur historian, Dartmouth graduate, and global consultant with homes in London and Hanover, N.H.


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  • A remarkable untold account of Dartmouth College
  • Passion for Skiing
  • The story of how the alumni, staff, and faculty of one small college in New England came to dominate the development of modern skiing
  • by Stephen L. Waterhouse
  • With forewords by Warren Miller and Chiharu “Chick” Igaya
  • March 3, 2010 Softcover 430 Pages; 8 ½ by 11 inch size ISBN: 0-9758820-1-5 $60.00

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