List of leaders in the Dartmouth Mountain Biking Club

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This is a list of leaders in the Dartmouth Mountain Biking Club.

Current Leaders

Name Year Additional Positions Driver Certification
Rob Collier '13 Co-Chair Microbus
Tom Collier '11 Trail Steward Van
Tom Flynn '11
Noah Harwood '10
Erin Larson '11
Max McClorey '11
Kevin McGregor '11
Anson Moxness '11 Co-Chair
Ben Peters '10

Leaders in Training - Blitz "MBC" to be added to this list and blitz in as you complete requirements.

Name Year Risk Management Group Dynamics Mechanics Training Co-Lead #1 Co-Lead #2 Leader Council Approval
Kodiak Burke '11 complete complete complete complete
Malia Reeves '12
Erik Skarin '14
Nathan Friendly '13