Mt. Carrigain

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Mt. Carrigain
Drive 109 miles (1 hour 55 minutes)
Hike 10 miles (14 miles in winter)
Difficulty Strenuous

Driving Directions

Take I-91 North to exit 19, I-93 South to exit 40, and turn onto Route 302 East. After about 30 miles, turn right onto Sawyer River Road. In the winter park here, in summer drive about 2 miles up the road to the Signal Ridge trailhead on the right.

Hiking Directions

Follow the Signal Ridge Trail for 5 miles to the summit. In winter, hike in about 2 miles along Sawyer River Road to the trailhead.

Trip Reports


Group: Mac Murphy '15 (leader), Fredrik Eriksson '16 (Leader), Priscilla Salovaara '19, Rachel Martin '19, Holly Jeong '17, Lily Hanig '19, Adam Burnett '18, Daniel Reitsch '16, Josh Canaan '18, Laura Hutchinson '19, Jed Kaplan '94 (alum), Sam Parker '15 (alum)

Weather: Sunny, clear skies, low 50s.

Trail Conditions: Generally dry. NOTE: the trail crosses a stream about a mile in. This stream was, even at this time of year, difficult to cross without getting your feet wet. Waterproof high boots, water shoes, extreme agility, or resilience to wet socks recommended. We just barely made it across dry in sneakers. Water depth was as low as 2 inches.

Trip Report: Pleasant trip with great weather and company. We started from parking lot at 10.30am and did not reach summit until close to 2.30pm. Back down by 5pm after a quick lunch at summit. Great views around peak foliage time. It is possible to hike up faster than we did but probably count on about 7.5 hours total hiking with a big beginner group plus time for lunch. It was DOC Fall Weekend so many first-time hikers, and we also went to the lodge for dinner afterwards.


Group: Greg Partridge '16 (Leader), Daniel Jackson '17 (Heeler), Michelle Dundek '18, Dan Pomerantz '18

Weather: Sunny, mostly clear skies but somewhat hazy

Trail Conditions: Dry at lower elevations, snowy for the last 3 miles

Trip Report: After turning off of Rte 302, we were disappointed to find that the access road to the trailhead was still closed, despite (as we later found) it being completely free of snow and other debris. Nevertheless, CnT spirit piped in and we made the additional 2-mile walk to the trailhead in just over half an hour. We then began the actual hike, enjoying the warm weather and smells of springtime forest. The first 2 miles of the trail are relatively flat and easy, and then it steepens after the junction with the Carrigain Notch Trail. With higher elevations came more snow on the trail and consequently studies in post-holeing. Even so, we were glad to have left the snowshoes back at the van because the conditions were not bad enough to warrant carrying the extra weight. Warning to future hikers: there is a prominent false summit on Carrigain whose spell we definitely fell victim to. From there though the actual summit and firetower are clearly visible, and only about 0.5 miles away. The views from the platform were spectacular - according to one reliable source we could see all but 2 or 3 of the 4000 footers. Great way to end the hike up! After a late lunch at the top, we begin the hike back down and made good time. We also found out that it takes exactly 1h 30min to drive from the parking lot to Whippi Dip. All in all it was a wonderful hike, and one well worth doing again for the great trail and views from the summit.