Mt. Garfield

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Mt. Garfield
"Mt. Garfield", plus one wrong turn, April 2015
Drive 88 miles (1 hour 25 minutes)
Hike 10 miles (12 in winter)
Difficulty Moderate

Driving Directions

Take I-91 North to exit 19, and I-93 South to exit 36. Turn left onto Route 141 at the bottom of the exit, and follow this until it joins with Route 3. Go about 5 miles on 3 North, and turn into Gale River Loop Road on the right (this road has two ends on Route 3, take the first one). In winter, park here; in summer, drive about 1 mile on this road to the trailhead for Garfield Trail on the right.

Hiking Directions

In summer, follow Garfield trail to the Garfield Ridge Campsite, take a right and continue 0.2 miles to the summit. In winter, to reach the trailhead, follow Gale River Loop Road about a mile, take the left fork where it splits (the picture on the right is what will happen if you don't), and the trail will begin about 0.1 miles farther, on the right.

Trip Reports


Group: Greg Partridge '16 (Leader), Dan Propp '18 (Heeler), Emma Rieb '18, Daniel Jackson '17, Else Droof '18

Weather: Sunny, warm for the season.

Trail Conditions: Slushy and muddy, 0-6 inches of snow on the trail at lower elevations.

Trip Report: We set out along Gale River Loop Road to reach the trailhead, but took the unmapped right fork of the road (as noted above) and so missed the trailhead. We ended up skirting the side of Garfield and arrived at the Skookumchuck trail near Franconia, so we went a short distance up it, ate lunch, and returned the same way. Just to see, we jogged down the other fork on our way back, and of course found the Garfield trailhead. Fun was had by all, though, and we enjoyed the weather.